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Akai mpc-1000 Ram Upgrade Installation

Akai mpc-1000 Ram Upgrade Installation

tinyurl.com Installing RAM on the Akai Mpc2500 or Mpc1000 Here is a link to an ebay search for the ram. Don’t pay extra for akai ram.

2019-04-12T14:02:05+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|23 Comments


  1. bomle321 at - Reply

    haha you yourself use a magnatic screw driver xD

  2. destinomundial at - Reply

    hej man.! I bought my 256mb pc 133 SODIMM 16×18 and the sampler read it (mpc 128b installed) but it doesnt load anything…it just says that (mpc 128b installed) all the time without loading anything… any suggestions.??? 🙁

  3. DrBrownakaFuzzOne at - Reply

    im guessing you make shit on a cpu

  4. simplebassdoublebass at - Reply

    So don’t buy 256 mb 144 pin sodimmm 32MX64 PC133 it doesn’t work.

    Akai suck! They make neandertal sampler.

    They don’t know the word “modern”. Grrrrrrrrrrr

  5. SuperHikerman at - Reply

    need difrent ram man or try the fourm

  6. GoatphishNasty at - Reply

    I keep getting a BootBlock error…tried reseating it. Any suggestions?

  7. KratesArkkeologyst at - Reply

    Thanks . I bought a 128 MB for 10 bucks on ebay . I just installed it 

  8. Illustrious505 at - Reply

    thanks for the help!!

    FYI this vid is useful for the mpc500 as well incase anyone’s wondering!!

  9. waxnationcom at - Reply

    Thanks for the video, was as simple as it can be!

  10. vstman at - Reply

    Now this is cool, But does this void my warranty if I install it?

  11. squeakyfromme69 at - Reply

    thank you!

  12. jadak1988 at - Reply

    thanks for the info bro its working perfectly and i did it way cheaper than buying the one on akai.com!

  13. playnite at - Reply

    cool thx

  14. jadak1988 at - Reply

    What does upgrading the RAM improve on an MPC?

  15. JetseDas at - Reply

    goddammit it’s not working : ( : (

  16. JetseDas at - Reply

    Wow, that was easy. The hardest part was getting the screws back in

  17. CryptoDah2 at - Reply

    If you use an 128 mb cf card will this do the same thing?

  18. EweChew at - Reply

    Does that same type of RAM work for upgrading the MPC 2500 also?

  19. Mamiya645 at - Reply

    I just bought one of these SODIMMS for 5€ + shipping, just in time for a new gear shop to open up in town with a deal on an MPC1000 for €400 new. Best year ever?

  20. theoutsideas at - Reply

    can u buy this at bestbuy????

  21. deejayollie at - Reply

    Nice tutorial man! I was wondering why I couldn’t slice up a sample, and it turns out Akai only gives you 16MB to work with…Now my Mpc1000 is working how I dreamed of…and you saved me over a $100!

    Thanks man!

  22. RockBeats84 at - Reply

    Thank you so much! I found this memory card for $15 plus shipping ($23 total). Just for curiosity’s sake, I check the AKAI price online to see if it dropped any, and it was still $100!

  23. SuperSonicoTV at - Reply


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