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Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 11

Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 11

Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 11 me in da studio making music THEPLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat production. It features a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM and extensive editing capabilities. Designed for professional music-production environments as well as DJs and other live performers, MPC2500 features a time-tested drum-pad surface, twin on-board effects processors, four Q-Link controllers for real-time control, 10 analog outputs, and a S/PDIF digital output. MPC2500 sports a 100000-note, 64-track sequencer that can be assigned to four different MIDI outputs for a total of 64 independently addressable MIDI channels. Internal sounds reside in flash memory and can easily be swapped out via Compact Flash cards, an optional hard drive, or an optional CD-ROM drive. A CF card with preloaded sounds is included to get you started.

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  1. enwukade1 at - Reply

    stop talking f***in 90% time of clip ….

  2. chrisstugots2 at - Reply

    yea ur old equipment becomes a coat rack so to say lol i know how it is

  3. FonziFree at - Reply


  4. kevinrcreech at - Reply

    itried fl studio for like two days and said fuck this so now im gonna get an mpc or an mpk25 dependin

  5. sentabale1985 at - Reply

    feelin it man nas would kill this beat check me man i dont sample though

  6. 3StacksTracks at - Reply

    fire stuff here man!

  7. DJERKS at - Reply

    hot beat man. nice drums .(come see my beat video)

  8. adn108 at - Reply

    man u could get a mpc it is wat it is GD GD or get a Zoom hd 16/8 with beat mashean its prity sic for starting

  9. ThaRealHipHop2008 at - Reply

    Save up for an mpc

  10. iamusick at - Reply

    loving ya work dude…keep it up

  11. cassyhill22 at - Reply

    love your workk !!

  12. swerve19 at - Reply

    just download a fl studio torrent or something.

  13. biggunnerz at - Reply

    yo man ive ben wonting to make me some beats but i dont have alot of mony so what can i do

  14. nique316 at - Reply

    do u mix ur beats n about how long does it take 2 edit a vid and wat type of camera do u hav bcuz its really clear gud enough 2 b on tv LOL

  15. hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    no i’ve never used fl studio. I edit my videos with Apple iMovie HD. Imovie comes free with apple computers.

  16. nique316 at - Reply

    do u eva use fl studio and wat do u edit yo vids wit

  17. hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    ahhhh . that drum machine you see when the video starts. lol MPC 2500

  18. nique316 at - Reply

    yea i thought so wat u use 2 sequence yo beats

  19. mpcbeast at - Reply

    That shit IS HOT !!!! Best fukin beat maker on YouTube !!!

  20. hitcreatormusic at - Reply


  21. blockboyz21 at - Reply

    ay wat type of keyboard do u got plugged into da computer

  22. hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    I never worry myself about people taking ideas. Out of all the people who see my vids, not many will ever make it big in the music biz. I just like to put music out there for everyone to hear.

  23. hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    yes. I’m in the Lou.

  24. utubegurl1 at - Reply

    didnt know u were from STL too whats good

  25. utubegurl1 at - Reply

    yeah it does sound like a Dr. Dre track thats a hot beat

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