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Akai MPC 2500 Beatwork live by MINOR

Live mpc performance by MINOR in MNRco. Studio site: www.myspace.com/minormnrco
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:07:36+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


  1. bspbeats at - Reply

    you have no talent….is what he means….aber erst mal besser machen

  2. algoriddm at - Reply

    this is the same as samurai by shurik’n

  3. kruczosmuczos at - Reply

    Same sample can be found on shurik’n samurai.Great anyway!

  4. SupportUnderground at - Reply

    Jedi Mind Tricks would kill this beat!!


  5. maxauto44e at - Reply

    sikkksikk sikkk!

  6. axis9dj at - Reply

    just rhythm in your hands, every dj has it

  7. MNRco at - Reply

    what u mean by that lazyb’?

  8. lazybones925 at - Reply

    RESPECT ??? Shouldnt we respect every person reguardless of their talents?

  9. InteRpromeX at - Reply

    Zajebiste masz sample 😀 ogólnie cala muzyka jaka tworzysz jest w chuj wyjebana 😀

  10. tfarog at - Reply

    hmm “Le Jouet” miło 🙂

  11. stoph2 at - Reply

    do you have cloth in yours?

  12. MarioLoco03 at - Reply

    dude…this guy has perfect timing…

    do you have a metronome in your ears?

  13. MNRco at - Reply

    nah… it’s not quatized and i don’t use mpc’s groove. Just when i press the button it plays… natural feeling : )

  14. hitzville81 at - Reply

    It’s suppose to be offbeat, that’s called swing.  Good job bro!

  15. AlbreStarGood at - Reply

    yo this is some smooth stuff.
    faintly reminds me of bonobo type stuff. keep up the good work!

  16. whotookmypiewtf at - Reply

    reminds me of jedi mind tricks beats

  17. MNRco at - Reply

    thanks bro’

  18. Lifted680 at - Reply

    sounds dope offbeat… i think hes doin it on purpose

  19. frankone702 at - Reply


  20. MrStreetracer101 at - Reply

    okay, u caught me but thats some tuff work man u got talent. RESPECT

  21. MNRco at - Reply

    – shit… i just realised that u can ask bout the beat not the mpc :D… my beatwork beats aren’t for sale m8 🙂

  22. d4rkr00t at - Reply

    Good stuf man

  23. razelinho at - Reply

    dobre gówno, trzymaj tak dalej!

  24. smitroy79 at - Reply

    Nice, thinking of getting one, great work btw

  25. MNRco at - Reply

    bout 1620$

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