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Akai MPC 2500 Part 2 of 2

Akai MPC 2500 Part 2 of 2

Taj runs through the feature set of the MPC 2500 for Producer’s Edge Magazine. www.ProducersEdgeMagazine.com

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  1. outdooring1 at - Reply

    if you’re making an instructional film - please show us how to use the thing!

  2. MrBoxxed at - Reply

    even still 2010 – just picked up a boxed in store MPC2500 cheep!!!!
    very happy indeed – circa 2007…. awesome – I LOVE HARDWARE.

  3. TomZentra at - Reply

    The newer MPCs only have a credit card reader behind the display.

  4. rayss02815 at - Reply

    yo man, your speaking skills are rediculous. ppl may diss saying he may not have made the hottest beat they ever heard or anything like that buy he was demontraiting the system in a very easy to learn, in-depth way. like the video and you really showed and compaired the capabilties of it without putting down the previously made machine. great review.

  5. afnewkirk13 at - Reply

    no shit (personal opinion)

  6. bboy2893 at - Reply

    what model hard drive would i need to increase the storage capacity and also whats the highest Gig hard drive can i use?

  7. PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    @CrateKings Me too…my nigga got a MV8800 and there seems to be like a latency issue

  8. GangstaVI1 at - Reply

    can you use an external Zip Drive on this as well.. i kno u can on the 2000xl..jus wondering not sure

  9. score114television at - Reply

    is the ‘mpc swing’ a big difference compared to the mv8000? do you use the swing/groove/quantize or whatever alot on the mpc?

  10. jackhopemusic at - Reply

    when he talks about the feature at about 6 minutes in, it looks like it auto quantises when u hit the pads, this right?

  11. wastemick at - Reply

    Thank you for posting this!
    You described some of its features with which I wanted to know about…

  12. spydat3k at - Reply

    yeah, that would be nice.
    unfortunately you have to work to make a living.
    plus having talent helps.

  13. RecoDesign at - Reply

    I didnt see a money slot. Is it on the back?

  14. mic9check at - Reply

    It a money machine, call it pricey. But the cash you’ll get from it….

  15. yeaiskateduh at - Reply

    lol i thought he was gonna do the top billin drums

  16. jtheman20 at - Reply

    nothing…use the 1/4 audio instead…midi only transfers how stuff is hit

  17. Atmosfear1337 at - Reply


  18. lawtonhigh192 at - Reply

    nice work homie. im still workin on a yamaha keyboard n FL Studio 7 demo but imma make it happen witt what i got. nice vid tho

  19. escobarstatus at - Reply

    I just got the MPC 2500, when i try to hook up a Keyboard thru MIDI i can get the keyboard to play the sounds out of the mpc,but can even hear the sounds out of the keyboard….What am i doing wrong???

  20. RuggedLike at - Reply

    It all sounds the same cos they aint got a clue how to use it.  Buying an mpc dont make you hiphop, you gotta know the tricks of the trade, not just own the tool. Plus if youre not musical dont bother to begin with.

  21. drjackohollious at - Reply

    Wonder why lots of hip hop today sounds the same? EVERYONE IS USING THE SAME BOX. I do like the vid though. The Korg ESX-1 does 90% of the things that the mpc 1000 does, but is 1/2 the cost and it has 2 tubes inside. Im not atin, just sayin’, it is about the music, not the hardware, word up, i do like this vid.

  22. caliph2k8 at - Reply

    Yo do the 4000

  23. cthapimp at - Reply

    that was fire!
    check out my beats from soul to gangsta and add me please
    at myspace(dot)com/cedproductions07

  24. griffinavid at - Reply

    This is Xodus Phoenix from the magazine. Griffie has an MPC2000XL. Thanks for the tip though..good comment and reminder

  25. AlonsoGonzalez at - Reply

    Im waiting for my MPC 2500.. Have you installed JJOS for your MPC Griffinavid?

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