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Beat Making with MPC 2500 – Ass 2 Blast

download at: www.soundcloud.com/drdisser Beat Making with the MPC 2500 with some dope samples from an classic vinyl. I mixed the beat on Logic 8 down. for more beats from me go to: www.myspace.com Peace & thanks for watching

FaT TrAk makin a sCratch beaT on The mpc 2500 for the world. Enjoy, positive and negative comments are accepted. GoD BLeSS

2019-04-12T13:54:51+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|50 Comments


  1. jjbing3 at - Reply

    The scratches are off beat to me but the sample chops are great.

  2. MoInDaHose at - Reply

    yeah das erste 2500 beat video das auch gut ist :D…aber die cuts gefallen mir nciht so ich hätte die etwas anders eingesetzt das die snare auch über der snare vom beatm ist…aber sonst echt cool!…

    kansnt ja auch mal bei mir reinschauen..ich bastel auch mit der 2500 beats…

  3. dhampex at - Reply

    Thanx Bruh!! I Appreciate that!

  4. djwonderFOOL at - Reply

    from a vinyl called “solo drums”, but you can get some good ones at sampleswap, or other sites whitch provide free samples – search on google, you’ll find some! greez from austria

  5. dhampex at - Reply

    Man!!!! Were did you get them drums. I like the quality on that!!!!!

  6. berlinmuzik at - Reply

    sehr schön! gefällt mir echt gut der beat und dein englisch gefällt mir noch besser 😀 ich hab genau den selben akzent wenn ich englisch rede!

  7. crackstah5150 at - Reply

    fucken sickk broo… very nice samplesss you used stay up my dude!

  8. djwonderFOOL at - Reply

    you can connect the mixer through the audio-input of the mpc, so its possible to record anything you do on the mpc! but by the way, thats not a good way to implement scratches or something else!

  9. CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    how do you load your scratch into the mpc?

    bye the way, like this track

  10. koollord at - Reply

    Good job man, keep at it.

  11. dhampex at - Reply

    Pure Dope Blood!!! a true underground special served right!!!!!!!!

  12. WYObeatz at - Reply

    mad props dope as fuck

  13. djflashb at - Reply

    the beat is nice … but the scratch samples are not on time … i think … but keep doin what you doin man

  14. pt3tangoo at - Reply

    liegt da dope auf dem tisch 😀

  15. TruffelMusic at - Reply

    its cool.. but work on your cuts man!

  16. fearthis963 at - Reply

    good shit son…. keep up the good work kidd……

  17. biggie4eva at - Reply

    shit is crack man keep that shit coming plus where did u get that vinyl from tho

  18. QARTCREW at - Reply

    Good man! Peace

  19. yukonmusic at - Reply

    good work man

  20. fhoplist at - Reply

    Ill give you props. Nice beat and though the cuts may have not been perfect still good job.

  21. Erdnuss69 at - Reply

    nice scheiß

  22. Ballsinger at - Reply

    this reminds me why i love hip hop
    nice job on the cuts by the way also, straight dope

  23. CAallday209 at - Reply

    sick beat man.

  24. cadillac180 at - Reply

    yo i like it sound like some old school hip hop 5 stars. check out some of my beats rate and comment thx…

  25. dilutinginertia at - Reply

    NICE beat!!!

  26. 936Entertainment at - Reply


  27. dbanga5 at - Reply

    what kind of module you  use i was planning on getting one instead of using the laptop or do you know any software with good sounds

  28. EYEAMSTANDALONE at - Reply


  29. djbeatjerky804 at - Reply

    Dope! Nice set up too!

  30. dlee719 at - Reply

    Exactly. Scratch beat is a beat that every sound I picked and played by ear. I like to do scratch beats when I don’t have any samples to make beats out of. Thanks for checkin out the video.

    GoD BLeSS

    FaT TrAk

  31. WackBeats at - Reply

    why u cal it scratch beat?
    it because u used no samples all free hand?

    anyways sick beat!!!

  32. schcon at - Reply

    This is friggin SICK! Keep it up man, WOW!

  33. djmrmystic at - Reply

    not really my flavor but props on your skillz. Gonna have to check out the sample one. peace

  34. moemoneysouth at - Reply

    cool set up

  35. civbeats412 at - Reply

    not bad … cool beat ..

  36. GETS207 at - Reply

    Im fellin tht skratch beat Fat Trak. Its sounds ready 2 go. I cn def. skratch 2 tht. As a matter of fact sounds good enuff to spit on cuz it a “FULL BEAT”. *DJ GETS*

  37. Bballer0905 at - Reply

    have skills

  38. question88917 at - Reply

    tight work plus i love the 2500 LE

  39. SJRecords77 at - Reply

    Houuu Heyyyyy Houu Heyyy
    mother fucker beat
    5 *****

  40. bdailey412 at - Reply

    Keep doin wat u doin fam. I did inspire me and your an excellent producer. this is comming from a producer aswell as a fan.

  41. MmhGanja at - Reply

    Yo fast trak.. answer the fuckin comments u faggot! ill burn down ur fuckin studio!

  42. MmhGanja at - Reply

    whats the name of the song in the intro?

  43. MmhGanja at - Reply

    i like the flow of the rapper in the intro…

  44. InnerflamesUnLtd at - Reply

    Bruv.. have u got every single synth and sound module connected to the MP at one time? Through the mixer?

  45. InnerflamesUnLtd at - Reply

    Is the laptop for mixing on?

  46. SmokeRush2009 at - Reply

    sounds like dirty south kinda not my style but the way you made it it was great and makin dirty south beats aint easy if you can make em you can make other beats like i prefere g-funk westcoast and oldschool beats… great man keep it up!

  47. se7ense7 at - Reply

    Nice back.

  48. hatredrhollow at - Reply

    ok when you first started i liked that first melody.but when you started the kick drum .i accually said out loud “aww wtf
    is he doing…he fucking the beat up”.but now that i have heard the finished product…jeenyus..i know thats not how you spell it…its something like geinious…but no matter how you spell it thats what you are.and thats what it is.i love it.i guess the lesson for me is to see a beat all the way thru…and to learn how to spell geinious

  49. kmg0330 at - Reply

    Sounds like hate to me…and I don’t even use that word.

  50. treeZon1 at - Reply

    fire man!!!!!cjecl my beats out

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