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D Cinn making a beat on MPC 2500 & Fantom G6 [EP.2]

Me making a quick beat from scratch.

A short clip demonstrating the chop shop feature of the akai mpc 2500 by Dor of boomspot.com.

2019-04-12T14:20:06+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|37 Comments


  1. DStreet81 at - Reply

    Good shit brah..

  2. krzone81 at - Reply

    sick beat man .. do you have the fantom midi’d up to the 2500 or just have the fantom hooked in to the 2500 ins and record the fantom direct record take 1 take 2 and so on ?? keep up the great work man .. this is how its done . peace

  3. theoutsideas at - Reply


  4. GCash76 at - Reply

    ok kool keep dropping that fire

  5. hotbeatz19 at - Reply

    i found some crazy drum kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  6. dcinnTV at - Reply

    i mix in house

  7. GCash76 at - Reply

    u mix in house r do go to a bigger lab

  8. wizztay at - Reply

    to dcinnTV; allrighty then.

  9. dcinnTV at - Reply

    aw man imma have to use that lol

  10. dcinnTV at - Reply

    preciate that homie!

  11. DigitalDevilXL at - Reply

    This is what im talkin about in the south .. see homeboy keep doin ya thang .. ni99as be using fl studio to make them down south beats .. but you going the rite way with the fantom and the mpc .. thats why your shiit has more of a bounce than lex lame luger

  12. wizztay at - Reply

    Marvelous. dcINNcredible.

  13. stewgames at - Reply

    what version of JJ OS are you using??? Or is this the Akai OS??

  14. musiccomputing at - Reply

    Hey, just wanted to let everyone know I’ve left Open Labs and started a new company called Music Computing. Check out the new gear at Music Computing or click the link below for videos. – Thanks, Victor Wong

  15. ObitNet at - Reply

    check mpcstuff.com or ebay

  16. SuperSonicoTV at - Reply


  17. LeePD75 at - Reply

    hi im using same MPC 2500 but why my slice sample is not repeating like yours?
    do you have to loop it or something?

  18. CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    I have a problem with the PITCH SHIFT function. When i change the pitch of the sample to +1.00 or -1.00 (semi tone), than the sample sounds damaged. When put it to +12.00 or -12.00 (one octave) no problem. So there’s nothing wrong with the sample itself.

    Can you help me out? Thanks

  19. Mirakle306 at - Reply

    i wanted to do this with my mpc1000 but you can’t becuz reason only have a midi in and no midi out, pretty messed up, but you can rewire it to cubase and then do it or use only cubase as your sequencer.

  20. stills4589 at - Reply

    good stuff.

  21. dimeclipent at - Reply

    THANK U!!!!

  22. PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    did you ever figure out how to use Reason as the sound module?

  23. easymanual at - Reply

    this original sample is taken from Ennio Morricone

  24. 123Bastardo at - Reply

    I use: MIDI Keyboard + MPC 2500 + Reason 4

    You can use Reason 4 as a soundmodule and the MPC as the sequencer. But how can i still use Reason 4 as the sequencer / soundmodule???

  25. PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    That probably is Eminem…LMAO…or he is from 8 mile, he probably lived next door to Eminem…LMAO

  26. billyjonesyaknowme at - Reply

    after I do this, I record my own loop of a sample that I chopped and assigned to 8 pads… then when I try to layer drums over what I just recorded, every time I hit a pad, the sample playing cuts out… I know it has to do with MONO & POLY, but either way it fucks up… I can either lay the drums with the sample on POLY overlapping, or have the sample on MONO and have it cut out when I hit another pad…. what do I have to do to just play the sample loop and make drums over it?

  27. 5lick000 at - Reply

    perfect 5 stars right to the point
    mpc’s can be used with any softrwear it has a usb connection in the back ov it

  28. cpaden7 at - Reply

    dude you sound like eminem

  29. stokezbeats at - Reply

    do i need a computer program to run mpc 2500 if so what is the best program

  30. nikko111111 at - Reply

    MPC is a LOT more fun

  31. smut1985 at - Reply

    Your Sample was used by: Beginner-City Blues

  32. emceewhiterabbit at - Reply

    you mean more user friendly, not capable.

  33. krzone81 at - Reply

    i recommend jjos 5.41 ,,, it is alott faster and more user friendly ,,,

  34. Piecesrestonthabed at - Reply

    dayuum nigga u sound like eminem.

  35. BeatsNRhyms at - Reply

    i sold my mpc 2500,i get better results in cubase!!but if i havent had the mpc first i wouldent know what real drums are lol

  36. chuyreal at - Reply

    cool i’ll check him out

  37. ciaran66 at - Reply

    ok, i dont know if this has been cleared up in your mind yet, but get the mpc, i’ve had mine for a year and a half now… and yeah, its true the pc is more capable, but the fact is that most pc beats have a generic sound to them… just look at 90 percent of fruity loops beats versus mpc beats. if you don’t know who he is, i suggest you search boon doc on youtube, he will make you see the power of an mpc (and hardware in general)

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