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Dayweed making Beats on the MPC 2500

Dayweed playin Beats on his MPC 2500 purchase beats at www.thecratez.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:24:26+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|22 Comments


  1. mastablast001 at - Reply

    simple & tight

  2. prodnicobeats at - Reply

    4:39 oOH Daw!Dope

  3. yuuchanko at - Reply


  4. youngc70 at - Reply

    keep doing ur thing, like the smooth sound

  5. acesProds at - Reply

    roooooo nice job !!

  6. stokezbeats at - Reply

    can the mpc 2000xl hold all that sound like the mpc 2500

  7. prodnicobeats at - Reply


  8. cavvo1 at - Reply

    1 & 4 & 5, 6 Soooo Much Soul!
    Dope Ishhh Man!
    Everything Was Banging!

  9. CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    I have a problem with the PITCH SHIFT function. When i change the pitch of the sample to +1.00 or -1.00 (semi tone), than the sample sounds damaged. When put it to +12.00 or -12.00 (one octave) no problem. So there’s nothing wrong with the sample itself.

    Can you help me out? Thanks.

  10. averevoluzion at - Reply

    damn these are some fucking good beats bro 3rd one was my fav but they are all dope

  11. doctordoctormpc at - Reply

    loved the german sample

  12. quickEJay at - Reply

    3rd beat was the hardest beat hands down

  13. BYRD4REAL at - Reply


  14. savagetribefamilia at - Reply

    dat 2nd beat is bonkers!! is it available?

  15. CivilIllEnt at - Reply

    tight, i like your style! Nothing sounds the same.

  16. KwesiKay at - Reply

    Damn, Diggah…ne MPC? Das Beat verkaufen scheint sich auszuzahlen….Glaube, ich muss nun endlich mal wieder bei dir vorbei kommen und mir Beats für´s nächste Solo-Release picken. Echt gute Arbeit…du motivierst mich mal wieder echt, Solo-Stuff zu starten. Schreib mir mal bei ICQ und sag mir, wie´s zeitlich so aussieht.

  17. MRVISDOME at - Reply

    damn the third beat was crazy

  18. VaNsBeaTsVid at - Reply

    DOPE!!!!!!! Cratez all day 😉

  19. Itzoficial at - Reply

    that 3rd beat was sick bro

  20. mdotdasupaproducer at - Reply

    Sir Day Day, I-C-U Bro, MPC 2500 Grind On Strong…!!! Wooo, Fireee…!!!

  21. 305steve16A at - Reply


  22. NameBrandClique at - Reply

    These beats are outstanding – I’m working on 5 beats you sent me, and let’s work together in the future!

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