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Deep88 – Summer Just… how with akai mpc 2500 mpc 3000

This is the original version of my track called “Summer just can’t wait goodbye” this is the inner construction of the song, pretty easy and simple, pretty house. Yes the inspiration is summer madness by kool and the gang… the track is out, release digital (beatport and others), played by jazzanova and domu among others, filled in a couple of compilation for the moment.. hope u like it, keep house alive.
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2019-04-12T14:30:33+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|12 Comments


  1. eatm3dry at - Reply

    which is a better mpc ? 2500 or 3000? answer it please

  2. bboyalex5turbo at - Reply

    sei un grande!!! da quando fai musica?Hai prodotto qualcosa che voglio sentirla!

  3. TR0jAX at - Reply

    which mpc u lik emore the 3000 or the 2500 , and which one sound better in your opinion, Whos got the better groove ?

  4. ukblack21 at - Reply

    hi i need u lots help i got a akai mpc 2500 but im trying to sample off my ipod, or laptop etc. so basically i got the rca cables u know the one that goes in a mpc and can plug it in say a ipod, laptop etc through the headphone bit, but the problem is when i hit mode and record its not picking any sound, what am i doing wrong i had an mpc years ago and i thought i did this once i jus bought this one yesterday pls help if its got issue i need to know asap

  5. deepeightyeight at - Reply

    thanx all

  6. hrdtxs at - Reply

    Not my type of music, but I was diggin it, love your use of equipment. I use a 60 and a 4000 in a similar manner. Keep it up!!

  7. MarcS4R at - Reply

    very nice indeed

  8. lamoureux69 at - Reply

    kool & the gang !!!!
    nice composition man !

  9. tjs6025 at - Reply

    Very. very nice

  10. felmoe at - Reply

    amazing music

  11. twelvebits at - Reply

    Nice live work – great tune.

  12. BBOYFROMCULTURE at - Reply

    dope shit

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