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Diana (10 years old) shows her MPC skills

Been absent for a minute schooling kids about the MPC. Diana sampled her own piano playing, chopped up the notes and arranged a song for yalls. The kid has g…
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2019-04-12T12:56:57+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


  1. Carlos Munoz at - Reply

    This little girl is awesome!

  2. Alliana Atencio at - Reply

    Nice beat!! Ur really talented at this!

  3. Tumidsword98439 at - Reply

    My mom coud play biter than this

  4. craaban at - Reply

    That should go without saying man haha

  5. MsHowtobeAWESOME at - Reply

    Your just jelly cuz your not as good

  6. TheHellomix at - Reply

    fuck diana

  7. Nappyhead122 at - Reply

    So dope

  8. YaBoiYb88 at - Reply

    shes a beast on that mpc…keep it up!

  9. troy7245 at - Reply

    This is shit!
    !tihs si sihT

  10. patt185 at - Reply

    Whilst Cutexyx is being a dick about it. How many of you would have had the opportunity to do something like this when you were ten?
    People underestimate the abilities of a curious child, given the means they can achieve much more than people would believe.

  11. Fangers74 at - Reply

    Get it lil mamma

  12. spamlesscofee at - Reply

    shes so cute

  13. Roll Blunt at - Reply

    Agree on all but must add a good understanding of all Genres and MUSIC THEORY is needed when digging .. that way you can easily mix different genresand
    rhythm patterns etc

  14. liz brotzman at - Reply

    yeah, that’s kind of how it works. I mean you seem agitated, so …he does his job well.

  15. omar ahmed at - Reply

    tbh not even but not bad

  16. poslannik2012 at - Reply

    AKAI MPC 2500 Old but good sampler

  17. Contractshooter8 at - Reply

    Damn girl you do better than me

  18. snowyfox1231 at - Reply


  19. francisco cruz at - Reply

    de lujo

  20. radyabagaskara at - Reply

    daft punkk

  21. blueraccoon23 at - Reply

    wow…what has the internet come to?
    just because your avatar is the troll face you can go around trolling people thinking that your an official troller?

  22. Gamuel Gomes at - Reply


  23. SunSurfer777 at - Reply

    Keep practicing. In this case this girl plays piano as it says in the description, so that helps. It’s all about self expression so keep playing until you find your style. Also, maybe take some lessons or look up some tutorials there are some good dubspot maschine tutorials on here about beatmaking)

  24. SSJ32Gohan at - Reply

    god, look at my avatar. obviously i am trolling

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