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making a beat on the Akai MPC 2500 My 1st Youtube Video upload

making a beat on the Akai MPC 2500 My 1st Youtube Video upload www.hitcreatormusic.ning.com This was the first video I uploaded to youtube St Louis producer making a beat. Short Vid Longer vids coming soon. Visit http for links to sites with the hottest deals on studio equipment THEPLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat production. It features a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM and extensive editing capabilities. Designed for professional music-production environments as well as DJs and other live performers, MPC2500 features a time-tested drum-pad surface, twin on-board effects processors, four Q-Link controllers for real-time control, 10 analog outputs, and a S/PDIF digital output. MPC2500 sports a 100000-note, 64-track sequencer that can be assigned to four different MIDI outputs for a total of 64 independently addressable MIDI channels. Internal sounds reside in flash memory and can easily be swapped out via Compact Flash cards, an optional hard drive, or an optional CD-ROM drive. A CF card with preloaded sounds is included to get you started.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A beat I made using a sample requested by @CiseDj. Beat samples “She” by Harold Mabern. Make sure to listen to the finished beat at the end to hear tweaks and changes that I couldn’t fit into the video. Main changes were to the bass line in a couple sequences. Had to move some notes around and fine tune some notes. Also adjusted some of the sample layers. Check out my website hellfirebeats.com for more beats and info.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hotbeatz13 at - Reply

    i found some crazy kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  2. dacbiet at - Reply

    Damn shit reminds me of 9th Wonder.

  3. DefinboundTV at - Reply

    hit me up asap check out my tracks i want beats from u

  4. maltcus at - Reply

    yes you are right lol I now own a Korg M3 you can’t pay me to use software anymore.

  5. cheddybumpkins at - Reply

    very good!

  6. cheddybumpkins at - Reply

    yeah but this is 100 times more fun to do, esp when money spent on gear is not an issue.

  7. SuperBrown7 at - Reply

    OMG, can you continue the first beat, Thats some nice shit

  8. SuperBrown7 at - Reply

    i never knew porn was this good

  9. Flipjunkie1 at - Reply

    im sure you have already found your answer but , yes you can make your own shit with these ! hey let me know when you do , iv’e been wanting to here some original shit and its hard to find in hiphop !

  10. Flipjunkie1 at - Reply

    Very true ! Playing with samples is like playing a video game or something ! You could come up with some cool shit but you can’t take credit for it !!! if you ask me its no different than d.j.ing ….mixing up other ppls tunes !

  11. lilmamabeatz at - Reply

    I just learned I was doing it RIGHT!! Sample sequencing… Thanks for the upload, pure inspiration.

  12. realboltfan at - Reply

    I wouldn’t say that.

  13. realboltfan at - Reply


  14. nhsbballer at - Reply

    i am about to get one of these mpc/ mashine things. which should i get? im going to research im just wondering what yall think. i use fl studio but i need some pads to hit im addicted to the pads for some reason. i think its a stage i need to go through lol

  15. CSneakers at - Reply

    Lucky Kid, wish my old man would get me one of these

  16. Hiphophead1904 at - Reply

    Nice! Beats just seem so much easier on an mpc! Yo, I’m thinkin of coppin an akai mpc2000xl is it legit?

  17. EDAINVENTOR978 at - Reply

    NICE …

  18. ayeowhome at - Reply

    what if you want to create beats from scratch? is this the right type of equipment for that? I have sounds in my head that i want to get out, not necessarily samples, what is the best way of going about creating your own sounds?

  19. afnewkirk13 at - Reply

    damn i wish i had it like that growing up lol. hopefully he really get into it, it takes patience but if you really love music then he should be hooked!!! good luck to him.

  20. HAP1oooo at - Reply

    requires no talent at all… my bad …truthfully

  21. SharkeyTV at - Reply

    salad fingers was in 2004

  22. gmartnz1994 at - Reply

    how do you start to make a new song without any of the preloaded sequences, tracks, or programs on it?

  23. kaos35994645 at - Reply


  24. TornTech at - Reply

    Sounds like a kanye west beat :p

  25. robnhay at - Reply

    I want a god damn mpc!!!!!AAAAHHHHH

    can’t get them here in the pacific rimmers

    but when I’m back in the states yall know what I’m doing

  26. GPPosse1 at - Reply

    A real talent. Holy smokes.

  27. danballz86 at - Reply

    incredibly dope.

  28. ORION71area at - Reply


  29. joe2grand at - Reply

    thats an open hat not a closed hat btw

  30. mrpumpum2010 at - Reply

    Youtube ‘Don Cutta Back To Share A Few Sequences’

    You’ll hear the difference between this…and THAT

  31. armyjay36 at - Reply

    ive made beats with all diff types of shit – reason,fruity loops,mpc,mv8800 – still trying to figure out which is best for me – i like your method of making beats – your on point with it – beats are tight.

  32. Izaakbinet at - Reply

    Killing it on this one! What technique do you use to chop up your samples? Is it auto-chop? Are you trimming them to to the beat?

  33. magnolia2slim at - Reply

    I had to take a sip of pepto bismol while listening to this beat…..SICK!!!

  34. dhampex at - Reply

    Damn thats too funky and dope at the same time. That’s coming from a musician!!! Looks like you got another subscriber!!!!!

  35. hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    #UN# is cray!

  36. frosticekilla at - Reply

    he just bought a seperate pad

  37. BOOTL3CKA at - Reply

    nice one!!!

  38. MrJstarr1984 at - Reply


  39. whaaaaaaaaaazup at - Reply

    oh man
    best mpc beat i heard a long time

  40. nohandz1 at - Reply

    how did you get the small print back on the mp

  41. BeevTheMaschine at - Reply

    if you come across any more 2500 let me know ive been looking for some one thats willing to trade for my mpc 4000

  42. mcjjwheeler1 at - Reply

    wish i had a setup like that

  43. lilskills721 at - Reply

    thiss is MEAN !! Peeep My channel HIP hop over everything !

  44. mudascientist at - Reply

    Like how you flipped it.  From producer to producer Nice. Peace

  45. VatoCwalk at - Reply

    Ll Cool J on deck ? ^^

  46. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Did it myself!

  47. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    I pitched/sped it up a little bit!

  48. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Thanks kid! Didn’t even see this comment. I’m mad late! Lol! How’s Maschine treatin you?

  49. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    It’s a JJOS feature. You just make a bitmap image and drop it on your CF card. When the machine loads up, it sees the image and displays it!

  50. smoke1va at - Reply

    thats heat!!! And how did you gig your name on the mpc on the lcd sceen

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