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Mpc 2500 beatmaking

Mpc 2500 beatmaking

At the finish you can listen to the finished beat . sory for the quality , but i’ve used internet camera to make the movie . Peace
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2019-04-12T13:09:49+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|9 Comments


  1. nutka730 at - Reply

    Podoba mi się ten bit. Super. 🙂

  2. oldiBMX at - Reply

    no miodzio, w sam raz XD

  3. DjDazzyBoy at - Reply

    This would be good if looptroop was singing in it But yh Still Amazing 🙂

  4. okzeWRDT at - Reply

    dobry bicik zrobiles widze caly czas do przodu pozdro

  5. dlembert at - Reply

    zajebista zabawka. w wakacje kupuje 5000 na raty, juz kurwa usiedziec nie moge a jeszcze pare miechow.

    big up

  6. THEUSAWILLFALL at - Reply


  7. GRyzliPL at - Reply

    gondziu zajebiste ty moze do ciebie bedzie mozna wpasc??:D
    PZDR DJ ArUm

  8. druidvortex at - Reply

    the bass line kinda sounds link something out of OGC.. too much on the kick bro, bangin beat though!

  9. Patryk5489 at - Reply

    zajebiste pozdro!! Dj Gondek

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