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MPC 2500 Sampling pt. 8(hachi)

I’m bak…with an oldie but goodie…hope ya’ll enjoy it and see ya’ll again soon!
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2019-04-12T13:16:59+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


  1. Vintaje at - Reply

    lol…check your inbox for the reply…thanks for taking the time out to listen to my music….take care and God bless you.

  2. Vintaje at - Reply

    i’ll check out your page….appreciate the comment, take care and God bless.

  3. Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate it boss!

  4. MrTechanina99 at - Reply


  5. YellowBoy21 at - Reply

    What’s the name of the sample at the very beginnin’ of the video?

  6. woodroxxx at - Reply

    yo im in the midst of making history, really impressed by your sound would really like to fuck wit ya right in detroit holla back

  7. Vintaje at - Reply

    i guess….but i didn’t need to have jjos for my direct recording….not to mention, after living in Tokyo for four years and purchasing my MP in Shibuya, i would say i was fortunate….also, the jjos didn’t really pop off until about ’08 and by that time i had no need because my MP ran smooth from the jump….now it seems to either be a novelty, requirement, or something….i couldn’t tell you which….appreciate the comments though.

  8. HayzeuzHits at - Reply

    you can get direct recording if you switch the software to jjos it’s a better operating system made by people that use to work with akai and moved on nice beat keep em coming

  9. beatzbysiege at - Reply

    Nice beat my g

  10. Vintaje at - Reply

    a little bit of this, a little bit of that, lol…..

  11. Vintaje at - Reply

    against the wall? one of my 8 keyboards….

  12. abybss at - Reply

    what u got setting in the back there ? midi ?

  13. abybss at - Reply

    what u got setting in the back there ?

  14. Vintaje at - Reply

    appreciate it chief! glad it was pleasing to your listening palate, lol. take care.

  15. hankyn at - Reply

    that’s pretty dope, homie.

  16. Vintaje at - Reply

    well with you pc….should you have a midi connection(in and out) then you can sync the MPC midi in and out with your PC….now if you used fruity loops with you MPD, the process should be the same….if not, try to find within the settings of Fruity Loops something that will guide you towards syncing with external devices….should that not work, then you may need to purchase an interface in order to sync the MPC with your recording programs.

  17. pablo27930 at - Reply

    I havea widows vista pc, frutyloops 8xxl and 9, oxygen 61 key bord and the mpc2500se.
    B4 i got the mpc i had a mpd 24 with program so i thought i would be able to just change them over,The only program that came with the 2500 was a sample library special edition.If you can help that would be great.

  18. Vintaje at - Reply

    yeah that shouldn’t be a problem…let me know what you setup is like exactly…if you have a picture, let me see that as well.

  19. pablo27930 at - Reply

    hi so now i have the mpc i have alot of work ahead at the moment i have a problem with hooking it up to my pc and i want to run it with my program frutyloops can you help?

  20. Vintaje at - Reply

    no problem….anytime. take care and God bless.

  21. pablo27930 at - Reply

    thankyou for your time.

  22. Vintaje at - Reply

    well, i’m biased so yeah get that 2500…you will not be disappointed, lol!

  23. pablo27930 at - Reply

    thanks for getting back to me i really like your music the kind of stuff i do is hip hop and my top producers are people like j dilla dj premo etc so i am on that kind of vibe.

  24. Vintaje at - Reply

    that sounds weird…which mpc are you using?

  25. Vintaje at - Reply

    as far as i know the 2500 doesn’t have an xl series, only the 2000. I know other series do have se editions(special editions)….but to answer the question, it all depends on what you want to do.

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