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Quick Throw Away Sample Beat on the Akai MPC 2500 (EscapeArtist)

quick throw away sample beat on the mpc audio quality is not great but you get the idea

2019-04-12T17:12:23+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|8 Comments


  1. alfredcowans7 at - Reply

    Ok ok good!!!

  2. mac18140 at - Reply

    ill. Real ill.

  3. ch19otr at - Reply

    That beat was dope!!! Throw away my ass!!! Find a Ill-ass MC and drop a hit on the radio son!!!

  4. EscapeArtistMAS at - Reply

    i hope u guys mean that in a good way…hah i just thought the kick was hella distorted from my hani cam mic

  5. EscapeArtistMAS at - Reply

    haha, my homie keeps tellin me the same thing..ok i might have to see what else i can do with it.

  6. lilmarv1 at - Reply

    It wouldn’t be a ‘throw away’ for Me…I’d Finish, Prep & Sell it.

  7. CivilIllEnt at - Reply


  8. Itzoficial at - Reply

    those are some nasty drums bro..

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