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The Studio Exposed: Using the AKAI MPC 2500 and 5000 | Chopping up samples

The Studio Exposed: Using the AKAI MPC 2500 and 5000 | Chopping up samples

Watch how I take a sample and turn it into an R&B track Follow me on twitter: @BRYAN_M_COX www.firstofdecember.com www.global14.com/thetexasranger
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Akai MPC 2500 sample beat

another sampled beat yadda yadda yadda!

2019-04-12T14:23:26+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|36 Comments


  1. ghostnotebeats at - Reply

    hey B Cox just have to ask a question can u do something like this for the 3000 cause yur boy is having trouble with chopping samples in the 3000 holla back at your boi
    and u right the back of that 3000 get HOT…..lol

  2. Jaycean at - Reply

    Thanks i’ve been hesitant on learning seeing that im a sample based producer nd i have notice its becoming much more common. Its just sacirificing time from listening for samples to learn it

  3. DarkSkinBoi at - Reply

    I know you asked Brian but… Learning the piano will help you tremendously. That way u wont be a slave to the sample. Also… its becoming more common to see producers do both.

  4. Jaycean at - Reply

    as far as industry standards go if your a sampling producer, Do you think learning the piano is necessary to excel. Im consciousof your work and eveything you have done over the decade…this beat too dope like a lot of your work

  5. 69Jmenace at - Reply

    good job dawg I’m feel in it

  6. soufsydemedia at - Reply

    Thumbs up if yall hear a Pac and MJB duet on this 1–B Cox did again w/a gutter, raw, soul joint. Bass/guit stab/chop with the stiff, raw drums give it a hard street vibe. the strings and paino add a nice melancholy feel–that ONLY Mary and Pac would do justice to!

  7. iamstackzbeatz at - Reply

    this is dope i love turning trap sounding beats into some musical ishhh…..

  8. tstark127 at - Reply

    What’s the name or song of the music in the intro of the vid?! #OnRepeat

  9. DJEliteBeats at - Reply

    How can I get the track? I have a song for it.

  10. DanamiTV at - Reply

    This came out nice

  11. lamouche123 at - Reply


  12. ghostnotebeats at - Reply

    look like them hands hit a lot of pads and roll a lot of weed…..lol j/j

  13. bamaproduction218 at - Reply

    Ive been following b cox since m. houston..b cox your are nasty trying to get there…

  14. MrStreetballer5 at - Reply

    @Ambassador1 Hey, been a fan of your vids for quite some time now, found ur beats to be just freaking amazing. Anyways I deeply love music especially old school rap and hip hop and im really interested into learning how to make some beats and maybe even a song. So first question: What do i exactly need to start making beats? What do I Need to know about things like the MPC? Do you recomend any specific book or video to check out before i do this? What MPC do you recomend i use? Thanks in advance

  15. TheHarveyMusicGroup at - Reply

    One day I hope to get the chance to work with the great BMC… If I do, that means I will have made it as a producer..

  16. indianj87 at - Reply

    woooooooooooooooooooooooo this is sick Doc!! 

  17. missdivinemc at - Reply

    wow!… simply amazing… x

  18. akai5690 at - Reply

    i’ve been waiting for these since 07. Thanks again for posting these BCOX #inspiration

  19. mignane24 at - Reply

    What’s the name of that song in the intro!

  20. babar141 at - Reply

    ok Dope man, lookin forwards seeing u make a beat with the mpc5000….

  21. Ambassador1 at - Reply

    I didn’t do the whole beat in the 5K because I am waiting for my extra memory from Akai. I don’t have enough memory in that machine to load all of my sounds.

  22. SwiftIsTheStar at - Reply


  23. GhettoDIY at - Reply

    How are you recording from a VST directly into the MP?

  24. Delaris1991 at - Reply

    weil mein arschloch nach butter riecht

  25. Delaris1991 at - Reply

    ich kack in eure finger

  26. DanArmaniBeats at - Reply

    aren’t you supposed to keep sample sources in secret?? lol

  27. bigfrmrb at - Reply

    Lol butter

  28. pmhops77 at - Reply

    Dude, that was fuckin sweet! Only thing that makes it suck is your title… Gotta get rid of the Seinfeld “yadda yadda” lol. One thing that came to mind was “turn my left head-phone up” where you incorporated the silence. Nice mix man!

  29. hdeits at - Reply

    nice beat..i need to find that Bread record word!

  30. 2Corfive17 at - Reply

    That is a dope beat!

  31. JAYCONWAY at - Reply

    Thanks for the comment Dirt. Bout to go check out that vid.

  32. JAYCONWAY at - Reply

    Yea, I mainly used to look for soul and funk records. But now that I’m trying to make beats I realize all the different samples a good rock record has to offer. Anyway, making a beat for The CrateShow would be dope.

  33. deepcrates908 at - Reply

    never heard of BREAD and SUGARLOAF ?? You dont “bake” alot do you? LOL Nice beats Jay. You should make me one for THE CRATEShow

  34. SouthOx at - Reply

    yo thats ill! I got that bread record, dont remember the break being on there though haha, I might have to grab those too ha! Yo, just uploaded a new vid too. Lettin peeps know I got a beat tape out of hella old beats I found recently. Check my featured vid for the link homie. Keep doin it!

  35. JAYCONWAY at - Reply


  36. Itzoficial at - Reply

    nice grimey soundin beat bro

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