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unboxing akai mpc 2500 se.mov

unboxing akai mpc 2500 se for home studio installation.

2019-04-12T11:57:48+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|20 Comments


  1. moze304 at - Reply

    lol. my wife just loooooves these kind of purchases. and my little guy just
    wants to get his greasy cheetos fingers all over it as bad as i do! i’m
    like a mad dog with a bone when i get some new shit bruh.

  2. ImDino at - Reply

    you, you-you, I just wanna love you hehe nice music there

  3. jeremyboy6 at - Reply

    lol little mans in time out… hes like sit yo ass back down

  4. aqwx00 at - Reply

    thanks man! i ‘ve create videos with my mpc using jjosxl.

  5. BESTSOULBEATS at - Reply

    nice one, maybe check my chanel for some soul beats 😉

  6. ENZUpro at - Reply

    nice vid man 🙂

  7. Amonte Lindsey at - Reply

    Where did you get it and how much?

  8. TonyosBaby at - Reply

    Is that yo beat!!!!! Sick

  9. Brandon Bagley at - Reply

    wow logic jingle loop!!? really?

  10. Hansemusik at - Reply

    Viele tolle preiswerte Sommer-Angebote 20 % auf alles! Akai MPC-2500 SE
    879,20 EUR Akai MPC-5000 1 198,40 EUR Akai MPC-1000 503,20 EUR hanse-musik.
    d e

  11. prettdboy at - Reply

    @JayUBeezy92 Good eye – “dispaly”! lol

  12. 2208qwerty at - Reply

    say name track on 1:30 plsss

  13. ImDino at - Reply

    I noticed you havent uploaded any detailed presentation of this product
    yet, whats up with that? Because I’d love to see it

  14. Evrenovic at - Reply

    it probably should I think?

  15. aqwx00 at - Reply

    thanks boy!

  16. BlindAlleyEnt at - Reply

    ENVY YOU!!

  17. Frederic Fraytet at - Reply

    The most beautiful video I ever seen lol

  18. Jay Brown at - Reply

    DO you know if the MPC 2500 come with a plastic film cover over the lcd
    when its new?

  19. FRB1420 at - Reply

    Great job! Now I really want one…

  20. aqwx00 at - Reply

    i upgrade my mpc with an hard disk (80GB) and the music is made on logic
    pro (my sequencer) i post other video about the installation of the jj os
    xl 2.1.5 (the last version) and i will see you how i work with it in my
    home studio.

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