-This program is created for the beginning MPC user and for the producer who has had the MPC for awhile and needs the MPC 2500 unlocked to bang out beats daily.
-All Akai MPC 2500 training courses are specialized and discounted exclusively for from the Computer Music Production School

  • Pricing: $200
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Akai MPC 2500, PC, MAC, Hardware & Software
  • Student Adviser Included


  • Tempo overview for each style & genre
  • MPC loading & saving samples
  • Creating custom Programs
  • Loading & saving sequences
  • Songwriting Overview & Track structure overview
  • Drums & percussion foundation building
  • Different Roles and mindsets as a producer
  • Guidelines for Songwriting & Beat production from start to finish; from recording, to mixing, to mastering.
  • How to add extra seasoning when a beat “Feels like its missing something”
  • Backups, File Organization, Templates
  • Program is customizable to student’s schedule and budget.


  • $50 MPC 2500 Sounds Voucher for
  • 24/7 Email Support

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