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LINK TO US: Add a link to mpc2500sounds.com on your Web page, and give your visitors access to all new MPC sounds and MPC training, Just pick the one you preferred and copy the HTML and put it in your web page.


<a href=”https://www.mpc2500sounds.com” target=”_blank” class=”linksmain”>GotchaNoddin.com</a>

Get Akai MPC 2500 Sounds, Free MPC 2500 Samples, MPC 2500 Training, MPC 2500 specifications, MPC 2500 pictures, accessories and more.

<a href=”https://www.mpc2500sounds.com” class=”linksmain”>MPC2500Sounds.com</a><br>
Get Akai MPC 2500 Sounds, Free MPC 2500 Samples, MPC 2500 Training, MPC 2500 specifications, MPC 2500 pictures, accessories and more.

MPC 2500 Sounds

<a href=”https://www.mpc2500sounds.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”https://www.mpc2500sounds.com/images/mpc2500_banner.jpg” width=”400″ height=”100″ border=”0″></a>

Music Production School – Computer Music Production School, Learn Audio Engineering from anywhere in the world; Sound Design, Outboard Gear & Plugins Mixing, Mastering, Starting your Music Business, Music Marketing and Promotion

Music School Social Networking – Get Free Advice Now, Network with Students, Artists, Music Producers, Forum, Videos, Blog, Product Reviews, Tips, Tricks, Templates

Blue Sound Studios – Atlanta Recording Studio & Independent Schooling on Engineering Making Beats

GotchaNoddin.com – Hip hop Sounds & Samples

Online Music Training – Specializing in HipHop, R&B, Reggaeton & Dance Styles. Get training on Engineering, Music Production, Making Beats, Songwriting, Music Business and more. These courses out-perform Cras & Full Sail saving you $30-$70,000. 100% Guaranteed. Call for a free consultation.

The Local Music Directory – A directory of musician and music business website links organized by category

Hip Hop Samples – Get Hip Hop Samples for your favorite hardware or software sampler.

Hip Hop Sounds – Get Hip Hop Sounds for your favorite Sampler format including: Akai MPC1000, MPC2000, MPC2000xl, MPC3000, MPC4000, Roland MV8000, Yamaha Motif/ES, Korg Triton/Extreme, Roland Fantom S, Roland Fantom X, Roland Fantom Xa, Reason, Creamware, and more. Unlike others, these sounds are all pre-programmed and ready to use as soon as you load them up.

Akai MPC 1000 Sounds – Get MPC 1000 Samples pre-programmed in .pgm program format and wav samples. Ready to load from Compact Flash Cards, CD-Rom, or download option.

Akai MPC Sounds – MPC 2000 sounds and MPC 2000xl samples pre-programmed in .pgm program format and .snd sample format. Ready to load from CD-ROM, Zip Disk, Floppy Disk, and Download Option.

Akai MPC3000 Sounds – MPC 3000 Sounds pre-programmed in .pgm program format and .snd format. Ready to load from CD-ROM, Zip Disk, and Floppy Disk, and download option.

Akai MPC4000 Sounds – MPC 4000 Sounds pre-programmed in .akp program format and .wav sample format. Ready to load from CD-ROM or download option.

African Music Video
Everything about Africa, African people, African men, African woman, African music, African music video, African news, African culture and much more.

The Official Alkota Website Beats for Sale, Bio, Downloads & More

Royalty Free Industry Quality Rap and Hip Hop Beats at Affordable Prices.

High Quality Rap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, RnB Beats, Pop Beats, Beat Making Tutorials, Sample Packs, Instrumentals adn more.

Community Musician provides CD duplication services in North America

Cut to the Beat is a Royalty Free Music Resource for Film, TV & Web Media Producers

Site Dedicated to Drum N Bass, Studio, and artist resources

Offers 100+ Free pro Hip Hop Samples delivered directly to your inbox.

Official CD Baby Website

Official Rhapsody Website

Hot Female Voice Samples
Hot female spoken word samples for your trax

Download Rap Beats, Rap Instrumentals, Lease Options, for Demos and Mixtapes

Partners In Rhyme
MP3 download sites, features and reviews.

Brazilian Capoeira, Learn Capoeira – The worlds top resource on Capoeria training, tutorials, and videos. Upload videos and join the community of Capoeria beginners, experts and instructors who teach and learn Capoeria along with you.

Your 1st link directory for free loops & samples on the net.

100% free resource for musicians of all genres.

song lyrics – rock rap country music, mp3 downloads plus music news and trivia.

Rap Music Videos

Rap Beats
Beats for Sale, Buy Beats Today. Royalty Free Instrumental Music for hip hop recording artists.

Recording Channel Forums

SEVENBEEZ.com – Hip Hop, RnB, Politics, Entertainment, Audio, Wallpapers, Lyrics, Blog Site

Interactive radio, forum, and online magazine.

Motif Sounds & Motif ES Sounds – Motif Sounds and Motif ES Sounds pre-programmed in the .w2v and w3v formats. Ready to load from Smartmedia, CD-ROM, Zip Disk, and download option.

Music Business: Producers
Resource for the music industry including record companies, music biz attorneys, managers, and producer info.

Nasty 1 Productions; Hip Hop and RnB Instrumentals for Hip hop and RnB Artists

Wide Range of Portable Data Storage Solutions for the Studio, Home or Office. CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, Floppy Disks, Memory Cards and External Hard Drives 

Everything about Africa, African people, African men, African woman, African music, African music video, African news, African culture and much more.

Triton Sounds – Triton Sounds for the Korg Triton, Triton Studio, Triton LE, Triton Extreme, and Triton TR pre-programmed in the .kmp and .ksf formats. Ready to load from CD-ROM, Zip Disk, Floppy Disk and download option.

Reason Refills – Reason Refills pre-programmed in the rfl format and include NN-XT Sampler .sxt preset files. Ready to load from CD-ROM & Download option.

Roland MV8000 Sounds – MV 8000 Sounds ready to load in the Roland MV8000. MPC Sounds import perfectly into the Roland MV 8000.

Roland Fantom Sounds – Roland Fantom Samples that are ready to import into the Roland Fantom Keyboards. Ready to Load from CD-ROM and download option.

Creamware STS Sounds – Creamware STS Samples pre-programmed and ready to load in the sts format from CD-ROM and download option.

Free Samples – Get Free Samples in Wav format. Also, get Free Samples pre-programmed for your favorite hardware or software sampler. Just click the ‘free samples’ link under the format of sounds you produce tracks with the most.

Sample CDs– Get Thousands of Wav Samples on CD-ROM.

Drum Sample CDs – Get Hip Hop Drum Samples on CD-ROM.

Exclusive Hiphop Beats – Exclusive Hip Hop Beats for Album or Demo.

Non-Exclusive Hip Hop Beats – Non-Exclusive HipHop Beats for Demo.

Hip Hop Instrumentals – Get HipHop Instrumentals for your Album or Demo.

Rap Instrumentals – Get Instrumental beats to Rap over.

Online Music School – Get Training on the gear your working on now.

Music Production Training – How to mix music, hip hop production training, making beats and more.

Cubase Training – Learn why you never have to listen to another person mention protools ever again! Learn the ins & outs of cubase sx and why cubase will out perform protools hands down – all you need to do is just ask why!

Reason Training – All you need is one custom training course to learn how Reason can transform your productions easily and efficiently overnight!

Online Mixing – Get Free Mixing Tips, Upload or mail your files and Get your mixes to Industry Standard!

Music Mastering – Get Dedicated hip hop mastering, cd mastering and audio mastering.

Online Mastering – Mastering on line is now available for those who use broadband internet connection.

Mail Order Mastering – Send a copy of your mixes and get audio cd mastering.

Hardware Samplers – Get Information on Hardware Samplers and the pre-programmed Sound Libraries available for them.