MPC 2500 Hip Hop Samples Producer Pack


Akai MPC 2500 Hip Hop Samples Producer Pack including dirty south sounds, south piano samples, east coast, west coast, midwest, uk hip hop, underground hip

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Package includes these MPC 2500 Sample Kits Exclusively programmed for MPC 2500

Dirty South Samples Vol.1: Features 128 Custom Samples inspired by Lil Jon, Outkast, & Ludacris Tracks & include the Heavy Kick & Synth Sounds that give Dirty South Production its name.
Dirty South Samples Vol.2: 128 Sounds Inspired by Lil Jon, Mike Jones, Cee-Lo, David Banner, Young Jeezy, Ciara, additional heavy boomy kicks, tight claps, seasoned hats, sharp synth riffs and crunk effects
South Hop Piano Samples: 32 Samples of Gritty Southern Piano & EP Flava.
Vintage Dre-Tonez: 128 Sounds of Dark Urban Gangsta Atmosphere, Deep & Snappy Kicks, Whiny Synths, Crisp Snares, Sound
50 Centz Sounds: 128 Sounds inspired by G Unit, tight kicks, klikin snares, mouth efx, chopped synths, strings, flute
N3ptunez Flava: 128 Sounds Inspired by the Unique Neptunes Sounds, kicks, gritty snares, ultra stereo percussion, FX, nazty noises, chopped synths, phat basslines, guitars, dirrty wurly pianos
East Coast Sounds: Inspired by Jay-Z, Jadakiss, & DMX, Thick & Hard Hitting Kicks, Snares, High Hats, Vinyl Hits & Effects.>
West Coast Sounds: 128 Sounds Inspired by Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, & Xzibit, Stompin Stacked Drums, Seasoned Hits & Efx, Chop Shopped Guitar, Piano, & Synth Phrases
Analog Tape Midwest Samples Vol.2: Recorded through analog tape machine, 128 warm & reminiscent sounds inspired by Twista and Common, crunchy kicks, slamming snares and drums, assorted breaks & turns, Effects, hittin’ brasses, string progressions & synth lines.
Midwest Sounds Vol.1: 128 Sounds Inspired by Kanye West, Nelly, & Twista, Punchy Kicks, Stacked Snares, & Drums, Smooth Progressions, Chopped & Pitched Voice Samples
UK Hip Hop Sounds: 128 Sounds Inspired by Low Life Records, The Streets, Blade, Massive Attack
Underground Hip Hop Breaks: Raw, Dirty, Funky Vinyl UnderGround Hip Hop Sounds, Raw Noise, Hiss, and scratch effects

Chops and Riff Samples:
Urban Arpeggio Samples: 128 Riffs, Dirty South bangas, hip hop bounce, street to club, smooth RnB.
Guitar Chop Shop Samples Vol.1: 128 guitar chops including Acoustic Guitar, Nylon Guitar, Wah Guitar, Electric Guitar Riffs.
Guitar Chop Shop Samples Vol.2: Vol.2 Includes 128 all New Guitar Chops Featuring Acoustic, Nylon, Wah, Electric Guitar Riffs.
South Hop Piano Riff Samples: 240 massive Gritty Dirty South Piano Riffs chopped for the MPC.
UK Hip Hop Sounds – Addon: 64 Drums & 32 Instrument Riffs for an expanded Drum & Riff Section to the U.K. Hiphop Vol.1.
UK Hip Hop Breaks – Addon: 96 Samples of Bass, Synth Bass, & Keyboard Riffs. More Raw Dirty Breakz with this Addon Pack.


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