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MPC2500 Sounds & GotchaNoddin.com Staff

“I have already purchased some sounds here before and is the only place i will ever shop online. I do hip-hop and these high quality sounds fit “fit da bill” for REAL!!”

Royce Brown, Jacksonville, FL

“I have bought almost if not all my sounds from your guys, ya’ll come out with the newest and tightest sounds out for cheap. And now I want to up my game and get the 50 cent kit, and see what kind of mayhem I can unleash. Thanks!”

-Jeff, Sacramento, CA

I’m very impressed with the quality and usefullness of these kits! This is one of the best sites for sounds that give that true hip hop flava!”

-Terry "dj tap" Aikerson

“Let me just say WOW! You guys have a great selection and premium sounds. I have bought from many many sources online but have never been truly satisfied with my money to quality of amount of samples ratio and you guys exceeded my expectations! You have just got another loyal customer and I will recommend you to all my fellow mpc users!

-Jason Rodgers, Soniclabs Audio

All of your kits are 100% fire – through & through!”

- Philo Sofi, S. Croix USVI

These guys are the best at what they do and if you want to be the best jump on board with em! The samples are off the meter, customer service legendary, they go beyond the norm to help you out. Best oppurtunity I came accross in a long time!”

-LC Shelton, Arizona

Thank you! Fast response! great service and great sounds, keep doin’ what you do!”

-Sonny Black

I love your sound as you can see. I purchased 5 kits from you. Also your quality kits and samples have made my music sound a lot more professional. Thanks!”

-John Henry, Benton Harbor, Michigan

“You guy’s sounds are off the chain!”

-Cecil Ford, Long Beach, Ca

“Nice sounds, up to date, fits well with modern production!”

-Te J, Vancouver, BC

“I had purchased from GN and So***crafting. I must say that my GN sounds came in only 1 card where the others took 3 flash cards. I always go to that one GN card when I need a sound. All of the sounds are well eq’d and never disappoint. From now on I’m goin to GN for any sounds I may need.
Thanks GN!”

-Jeffrey White, Charlotte, NC.

“Love the GotchNoddin Sounds, Got amazing results with the Southhop Pianos and Synth kits. Quality samples!”

-Paul Bassett; London

“To me this site has the best selection of sounds to choose from compared to other sites I’ve been to!”

-Trev Hamilton; Atlanta, Ga

“yal got some hot sound sets!”

-Marcus; Goodfellow AFB, TX

“love your sight!”

-Tosh; Brisbane, Australia

“I am very pleased with the sounds that i have purchased from this site.”

-Jeremy Adams; Riverside, California

“crazy sounds! drums and instruments hottest anywhere! spend your last pennies its worth it!”

-Steve Griff

“I use GN b/c the sounds are phat and original. I’m always gonna be a loyal customer!”

-Darrayl Miles; Clermont, FL

“I really like the sound of gotchanoddin.. professional Drum Kits for easy and quick use!”

-Florian Grummes; Munich Germany

“I love your samples…way better than M**Sounds.com for the price!”

-John Page; San Marcos, TX

“Tha best sounds and service with high quality. good staff and centers their work around tha users need!”

-Harlon K Pete

“I think your site is great, I like the fact that you guys provide up to date sounds for samplers, to keep the music industry up to date. From Reggaeton to east coast the quality of sounds you provide are excellent!”

-James Quintana; Denver CO

“Gotchanoddin is tha Sh*t!!! Not only do they have great sounds, but they have a patient and helpful staff! Check em out! You won’t be dissapointed!”

-Stevie Below; Desoto, TX

“Your sounds are off the chain, Gotcha noddin keeps me working!”

- Luis Rivera; Freeport, IL

“Your sounds are great!”

Pavel Kutscherauer; Havirov, Czech Republic

“i truley love your sound kits it makes it so much easier when you guys put them on compact flash that really saves a whole lot of time! just pop in & bang beats out how ingenious!”

-Marion Porter; Washington DC.

“i purchased a gn kit and it step my game up jus like that im beatin em up!”

-Corbin Lockridge; Upland, CA

“The sounds from Gotcha Noddin.com are hot! I’ll recommend anyone looking for sounds to check out Gotchanoddin.com.”

Henry Moland; Stockton, CA

“this is the best site for sound!”

-Troy Burgess; Philadelphia, PA

“This website gives me the sounds I need to step my game up in the production Industry!”

- J.Rich; Lauderhill, FL

“I think that your sounds are the best!”

-Usher Benjamin; France



“Keep up the good wook yall got the world noddin! keep it hot h-town!”

-Joe; Houston, TX

“Being a female tryin to get in the game and not knowing any other producer i ran across this site bought the r&b sounds and i tell u i will make this the site to purchase my sounds from now on!”

-T.Ann; Philadelphia, PA

“I love Yall!”

-Eugene Bibbs; Atlanta, GA

“Quality Sounds!”

-Darvis Whitehead; Tallahassee, FL

“Love the soundz hi hearing. Im A producer who dont like to do a lot of tweakin and these sound need no tweaking!”

-L-HOLLO Equipment: MPC4000

“You guys got some hot sounds!”

-Graham; W. Chesterfield, NH

“I just want to say that I purchase some gotcha noddin samples and they are great!”

-Chauncey Denham; Tokyo, Japan

“Keep doin’ whatcha do! Your samps are some of the best that are out there…They add that extra “Unhh” to my arrangements. One!”

-Tony Thomas; Philly, PA

“Gotcha Noddin has all the sounds Im looking for. Thanks for being #1 in tight samples!”

-Malo Lawson; Benicia, CA

“I found the sounds here to be the illest. I first downloaded the free sounds, then made my first purchase shortly after. Also, when I placed my first Paypal order, they accidently sent the wrong file. Once I alerted them of this, they sent me the new file (download version) the same day. Now that’s service! I didn’t expect the replacement files until the next day. Phat sounds and fast customer service…I’m sold!”

-Darrayl Miles

“I tried some of your free downloads and I was impressed. I usually get my sounds from b*****beats or sometimes from mpc******.com but your free downloads sounded better than some of the kits I bought, can’t wait to buy some from you. thanks”

-Luis Rivera

“gotchanoddin has the best selection of sounds hands down!”

-Johnny Paradise

“Gotchanoddin’s library is full of top notch, industry-standard quality drums. Great variety as well!”

George Burrell

“Keep doin yall thing because your sounds is helpin me out with my production a whole lot!”

Adam Mitchell

“The sounds yall have are crisp and have high quality. Anytime i’m in need of some new sounds I come to ya’ll first cause I know i’m going to get something different. Keep doing what you are doing!”

-Daryl Cater

“you guys are great. I will definately keep buying from yall! I will spread the word about how good your support line is too. Thank you so much!”

-Shawn Craddick

“Dope sounds, ready to use without tweaking. If you dont have them you better get ’em!”

-Moe Nice, Insomniactproduction

“Can’t wait to go home and load those killer beats! Thanks also for the free sounds! Don’t you worry, I will keep noddin!”

-Philippe Chaudre

“keep making those tight sounds!”

-Eric Robinson

“I really appreciate the good customer service I will definitely spread the word and I am going to purchase something else right now! great customer service eventually I will have your whole catalog!”

-Shawn Wiggins

“you got great sounds to work wit mang, good ish!”

-Ben Tooley

“I love your drums!”


“thanks a lot yo, yall r the best that does it no lie!”

-James Brewington

I purchased reggaeton ultra vol.3 from u guys! and i love it! thanks to you guys your the best!”

-Joel Roque, Homestead, FL

“Yall got some hot sounds!”

-William Lingham

“I’m feelin the website and the sounds! Keep on doin’ whatcha doin’. I will most definetely be a costant customer!”

-Garry Richardson

“Thank you very much for all the help you have given me. P.S I REALLY LOVE YOUR SOUNDS THEY ARE THE BEST!”