MPC 2500 Instrument Samples Pack

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Akai MPC 2500 Instrument Sounds Pack including strings, synths, bass, guitars, pianos and pad samples

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Package includes these Kits Exclusively programmed for MPC 2500

String Samples: 36 String Samples of Cellos, Violins, Violin Solos, Pizzicato, Trills, Bass Pizzicato, Bass Strings, Section Strings and Reverse Strings
Synth Samples Vol.1: 32 Sawtooth, Square, Sine Synth Sounds.
Bass Samples: 68 Bass Samples of Fretless, Electric, Mini Moog, Upgrights, Poly, Jupiter, SubBass, ResoBass, Organ Bass, Nord & Lead, Synth, Slap, & Pop Basses
Hip Hop Guitar Samples: 48 Guitar Samples of Electric Stratocaster, Electric Strat Mutes, Acoustic, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, & Harmonics, Nylon Guitar & Harmonics, Nylon & Steel String Fret Scrapes, & Guitar Synths.
Horn Samples: 60 Horn Samples of Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxaphone, Horn Sections, Brass Bass, Synth Brass, Trombones, Trumpets, Trumpet Mutes, Tuba, French Horn, & Horn Riffs.
South Hop Pianos: 32 one-shot gritty south grimy piano patches
Pad Samples Vol.1 (Soundtrack Style): 40 Thick Pad Samples including Slow Pads, Airy Pads, Vocal Ahh Pads, Brass Pads, String Pads, Ambient Pad Sounds.
Pad Samples Vol.2: 32 Crisp Pads with fast attacking synth pads, brass pads, string pads, and various synth pad effects.
Pad Samples Vol.3: 32 Slow Pads, Soft Synth Pads, Bright Synth Pads, Moving Synth Pads.
Pad Samples Vol.4: 32 Darker, Airy, Metallic Style Pad Sounds.


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