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Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 12

Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 12 IN THE LAB CREATING MUSIC. http://hitcreatormusic.com THE PLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark…
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2019-04-12T11:55:14+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    Jody Lamb at - Reply

    good shit i like the sample

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    It a M-AUDIO MIDI Controler keystation Pro 88

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    sweatykev01 at - Reply

    what’s the need for the sample playing box. i have cubase 5 and reckon it’d
    be easier to just do it all in midi through that instead of making samples
    etc first. what does the akai drum machine type thing give you?

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    Cripple Hippo at - Reply

    can i PLEASE get this download. its like my favorite song

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    Subaro0o at - Reply

    this beat sounds like booty yo!

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    nique316 at - Reply

    does da m-audio kum wit sounds or iz dat a software dat da keyboard iz
    hooked up 2 n if so wat software oz dat good vid n beat

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    thanks man. Eastside in the building..

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    JRSWIFTZ757 at - Reply


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    Baloo 100DR at - Reply

    which is also easier and attainable on any soft ware running with fl studio
    and a midi controller.and not only that you have mouse control for editing
    samples and an endless ammount of vst plugins and sound editing options. i
    have an mpc. switched to computer. and if your going to list something that
    is different that actually owning one. you should actually say something
    that the computer doesnt have. ie portability. because comp has dynamic
    triggering internal sampling and chopping.

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    clammyclaude at - Reply

    the drums r dope ……the rest i dnt like …

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    There is bass on this track. You cant hear that on these vids sometimes.

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    theebob2008 at - Reply

    Real dope, thats the kinda style i dig. Do your thing

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    no the m-audio i’ve got is just a controller. The sounds are coming from my
    yamaha motif-track and my roland xv-5050 sound modules.

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    Wesley Smith at - Reply

    What was that piano riff you where using, if you don’t mind me asking

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    arthur d'hoest at - Reply

    you should end your vid by playing the track at 320 kbps or sumtin with
    full quality… anyways chill beat

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    Stackz Beatz at - Reply

    how do u have it setup?? better yet how would someone setup a midi
    controller,soundcard and motif rack together correctly

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    twinnsoniq at - Reply

    Sounds good Fam! I was born in East Saint Louis. You already know i’m gon’

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    boogeythebeat at - Reply

    yayuhh thas real smooth

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    dazzelya at - Reply

    Pretty cool. Wasn’t really feeling the snare but the overall thing was

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    mega1403 at - Reply

    another tight video keep them coming

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    leparis57 at - Reply

    whats kinda keyboard is that??????????

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    highrolln754 at - Reply

    MIDI A and MIDI B

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    iheartsedric at - Reply

    It gives you dynamic triggering, internal sampling and chopping as well as
    some pretty good sequencing abilities…

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    jhaikc at - Reply

    that piano riff iz very inspireing

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    corght at - Reply

    nice melody. maybe just add more bass but it’s good anyway

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