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Adding memory to the MPC 1000/MPC 2500

Adding memory to the MPC 1000/MPC 2500

This is to show how to add memory to your mpc1000 or mpc2500

2019-04-12T13:53:51+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


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    turntabliss at - Reply


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    ferndog681 at - Reply

    i did some research and upgraded to PC 133 144PIN CL3 SODIMM 256MB . it read it as a sodimm error. i tried reinstalling the old one and read it as 64mb sodimm error. took that out and reads 16mb sodimm error. do my problems are growing. any help?

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    ferndog681 at - Reply

    I need help with my MPC 2500. I just bought it and it reads MPC 2500 64 MB INSTALLED. then it goes to interphase all works normal until i try to record something in. it begins recording then reboots by it self then again reads MPC 2500 64 MB INSTALLED. I opened it and the RAM is not from Akai. Im stuck cause I dont know anything about the MPC yet. any help will help alot thanx all

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    OGtony88 at - Reply

    Yo i got a question. I don’t know if you could answer this or not but do you know if this type of ram would work with the mpc1000?


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    sparq1g at - Reply

    im not sure. i don’t use the jj os

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    if i upgrade will i have to buy a new jj os password?

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    AlCappucino at - Reply

    I bought 3 different brands of ram who supposed to work on the mpc but every time it says 128 mb installed, SODIMM ERROR!
    do you know what could be the problem?

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    KCObsession at - Reply

    yeah man…. good video straight t the point and the name tags all good….. Stay blessed

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    whiteboytyx at - Reply

    why the fuck is mine saying check the system halt

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    scifiaudious2 at - Reply

    alright i just upgraded to jj os v 3.8 now i cant do the re naming trick…thing

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    scifiaudious2 at - Reply

    omfg i really need that upgrade. any idea how i go about getting it haha also, the name change thing was kind of cool thanks for pointing that out.

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    spillywalker at - Reply

    thanks man! i had it done by the time you said congratulations. good job!!!

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    spillywalker at - Reply

    thanks man, i had in done by the time you said congratulations, very well explained!

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    Moelane at - Reply

    Does this work with MPC 500?

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    miami390 at - Reply

    i head you could use the ipod memory in the mpc it was a video on you tube a while back im talking about the mem from the frist ipod

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    sparq1g at - Reply

    true but if you ground yourself you don’t have to worry about the surge.

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    sparq1g at - Reply

    the original memory is integrated with the motherboard of the mpc. you can’t take it out even if you wanted to.

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    YungCyfe at - Reply

    and people always wait a couple of secs before goin in cuz some times there can be a surge of energy for a lil while after u cut it off

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    DirtyMoney23 at - Reply

    cool, few questions though, I see we DO NOT have to take out the original card, is there a reason why it should be kept there even though is not going to read it? also what brand of memory did you get, and what are the best ones to get? I know I wont be getting akai brand b/c its a rip off.. And I’m assuming the card you installed is 256 MB correct?

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    sparq1g at - Reply


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    sdsteez at - Reply

    its the same on the 2500?

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    sdsteez at - Reply

    expands it from like 1 mins 30 to like 24 or 26 mins…more sampling time then you’ll ever need

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    PureSchooly at - Reply

    24min in Mono

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    returninginsurgent at - Reply

    how much sampling time does that give you?

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