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Enterprise market a unique perspective on home appliances, business development direction: the current brand kitchenware industry, the proliferation of highly competitive, with this industry has a low threshold, the driver will be able to open some factories, the market were highly irregular in This “war period” up to the manufacturer down to the business, we all do very tired very hard and not profit, just like a jet’s vortex in a circular motion, transfer of almost everyone confused and perplexed both.

Do we have to from here? Quotes from today’s view of the market operation of our capital is not possible, because today’s market becomes more mature, more and more consumers are rational, like the year with a brand advertising bombing will be able to overnight fame Time has passed, this approach is obviously not suitable for today’s more mature markets. But the “Akai” Walk this way more low-end products do not exist and how to do low-end products we have done, but low-end manufacturers, their prices low makes it difficult to reach and they have very very thin profit pressure , the costs of services are included in the price wars go, they have only one senior porter only, no profit enterprises can not develop.

Best Kitchen Co., Ltd. Ningbo Ya

Marketing Director: Luo Yi Ding (middle)

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Then present our own way for R & D is going this road, this road regardless of technology from which point of view, go all the stability and long-term survival and development of a business it must make more efforts from the technical and R & D enterprise R & D capability and core technology is the backbone of the enterprise, or our brand is difficult to survive in the kitchen industry area develop.

Now we “Ningbo Ya good” focus on the infrared stove and soot cleaning machine to be done here, both from consumer demand or from the environment in terms of energy efficiency, both products are suitable for the current market demand and social development . We will increase this in future R & D and innovation.

In today’s brand shops, a hodge-flood period, we “Akai” brand differentiation walk the road of product technology to bring the following advantages:

(1) our research and development of powder metal infrared cooker products listed in this year, the invention is a worldwide problem of breakthrough technology, it is really easy to overcome the fragile tiles crack defects, extending product life, reduce consumer costs, while with the tiles of the “steady flame” and the release of large infrared effects, make the products competitive.

(2) “Akai”


Smoke fumes from the cleaner side aspects, it has broken the traditional hood distress to consumers. Currently we are only concerned about the side of peer smoking fume cleaner future, not a real awareness and attention to the side of the smoke fumes from cleaning machine concept, the current only increased their product line in a style and did not form a line and scale, which give us “Akai” into the market left a very good business opportunity.

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