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Akai MPC 2000 XL WOOD PANELS INSTALL from MPCstuff.com

This video will show you how to install an MPCstuff Wood Panel end cap kit for Akai MPC 2000 XL. We also have wood side panels for many other MPC units. Get your MPC 2000 XL Custom side panels from www.mpcstuff.com
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2019-04-12T13:17:51+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|37 Comments


  1. hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Nice 1 #UN#

  2. eatm3dry at - Reply

    wood glue , how gay , i don’t want glue on my shit faggot

  3. cheddabob808 at - Reply

    now your beat’s will go wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. seanmattzeph at - Reply

    I’M SELLING CHEAP LCD’s for the 2000/XL in a couple weeks for everyone’s info. Check back in August on eBay

  5. jvcforce at - Reply

    I don’t like the fact that the front wood panel has to be secured with GLUE! And the wood looks like cheap wood…

  6. downsideuptv at - Reply

    the fuck? yo i know people love doing up there mpc’s but the shit has gotta stop right here! lmao that’s straight corny! lol why would someone wreck there mpc like that? lol

  7. bugstrut at - Reply

    Obviously I’m talking about thinner panels than these.

  8. bugstrut at - Reply

    Hey, would ir be possible to put panels on turntables and a mixer?

  9. holamix at - Reply

    shit does seem pretty dope, dunno if i like the gluein part though

    do the pieces come off as easily as they go on if there glued ?

  10. lordjacksonmusic at - Reply

    I Like the look of the wood, but mate. i pissed my self when the wood fell out.. 😉 nice one.

  11. hogantmwnn at - Reply

    Well I was thinking about my ’72 chevy impala, which is pretty clean, so the wagon wheels would have to be worse..

  12. professorquack at - Reply

    haha what’s worse wagon wheels or the chevy

  13. krzone81 at - Reply

    what kind of wood are they made of? pine ???

  14. boomtomb at - Reply

    looks good but damn i hate to what if someone has a termite problem, that MPC is thru!!!

  15. krzone81 at - Reply

    what kind of wood are these ??? pine ?

  16. hogantmwnn at - Reply

    I’ve got a microkorg with the wood panels. it’s cool, thats the way it came. But installing wood panels on an mpc is kinda like putting wagon wheels on a chevy.. to each his own i guess.

  17. petes2057 at - Reply

    cool stuff ! love all these mods for the Akai

  18. Pieperson277 at - Reply


  19. kuxvibes at - Reply


  20. luckelle1 at - Reply

    sounds like fire to me.

  21. blackjedi41 at - Reply

    blackjedi41 nice mixture keyboard and mpc really in nsync i make beats i use a native maschine and psp beatarator you be suprised at the sound

  22. frostofkingston at - Reply

    I am a music producer and a musician myself and the style of your beats is what i vibe with, i’d collab with you if you are interested, my cell is 845-802-6536 and my name is leland God Bless

  23. texastino661 at - Reply

    Nice beatles album on the wall (if I’m not mistaken) tight ass beat..props!!!

  24. texastino661 at - Reply

    Nice beatles album on the wall (if I’m not mistaken) tight ass beat props!!!

  25. jensunray1 at - Reply

    The biz!

  26. santikrm at - Reply


    reminds me a little to dr.dre for the hihats

  27. widerule1000 at - Reply


  28. krzone81 at - Reply

    no shit jack,,,,, i know that, i was askin if he still had his 2000xl ,,, he had the mcd blue 2000xl ..

  29. LEVONADON at - Reply

    son, that’s not an xl, that’s the mpc 2500

  30. dundub27 at - Reply

    that some good sh t your boy eddie j

  31. TheCali310 at - Reply

    What kind of keyboard is that ?

  32. Trackzshootatube at - Reply

    that’s a hit

  33. KeyGreen76 at - Reply


  34. jaykobeatmachine at - Reply


  35. krzone81 at - Reply

    u still got your 2000xl????????????????

  36. bageproductions at - Reply

    big nice work

  37. LightGreenMuzzikk at - Reply

    damn this is hot man!! this is a hard banga man!! great work!!!!!!!!!!! i have the same speakers^^ these are awesome!

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