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Akai MPC 2500 Beat. DJ Hellfire. Pro Tools 8 + Reason 4. Studio session”Hello Silence. “

Video of a beat I made using a sample of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound Of Silence” that was requested of me. This beat is available for purchase at hellfirebeats.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Taj runs through the feature set of the MPC 2500 for Producer’s Edge Magazine. www.ProducersEdgeMagazine.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T15:11:50+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|46 Comments


  1. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    You don’t need a computer with an MPC. Just speakers or headphones.

  2. InfindelProductions at - Reply

    He is wondering if you need a computer, or can you just use it buy itself

  3. MrSirsmiley07 at - Reply

    im a bitch ass nigga

  4. BachBeethovenBeatles at - Reply


  5. 121bigbob at - Reply

    oh srry, i meant do you absolutly have to use a sterio and a laptop

  6. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    I don’t understand this question!

  7. 121bigbob at - Reply

    do u absoulutly use a computer with a mpc beatmaker or could u just use a studio

  8. eatm3dry at - Reply

    stfu baby dick

  9. hokiecb30 at - Reply

    I guess Dr. Dre a bitch ass nigga too, wanna call him up and tell him?

  10. djhellfire1 at - Reply


  11. eatm3dry at - Reply

    he just chopps, bitch ass nigga

  12. lostcat67 at - Reply

    I do indeed know what you are saying.

  13. smpvdb19 at - Reply


  14. BackflipBrandon at - Reply

    This is too nice. good solid work man! check put my channel and beats! feedback is all im asking for! please and thank you!

  15. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Ordered them from MPCStuff.

  16. FRB1420 at - Reply

    How you get red pads? Thanks bro

  17. mostmusicisbad at - Reply

    This is fucking sick, man. It’s like some sort of folky trip hop.

  18. realdude84 at - Reply

    how do you make the pads light up? i got a 2500 also

  19. Rogg567 at - Reply


  20. Snoopylawrence at - Reply

    This is on point!

  21. kolakube123 at - Reply

    Hey man, Just wanted to say Hip Hop isnt really my thing, but I really enjoyed this vid.

    I suppose in my trance / house backgroud we would call this a remix. Very well done. Can hardly recognise the original in there.

  22. kolakube123 at - Reply

    I dont think this is correct info. I have Focal Twins and in the manual it clearly states you can position them wither way.

  23. MRHDOTCOM1 at - Reply

    @META4TMNJ…now mix that! Lol!

  24. djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Exaclty! Dudes who’ve never mixed a record in their lives get on gear slutz and read from some “online pro” that “it’s bad to turn your monitors sideways” and just repeat it without even knowing the technicalities behind it, or what environmental conditions actually make it bad practice! But youtube doesn’t give you enough characters to even explain it! Lol! Thanks fam!

  25. MinamotoAkori at - Reply

    @Meta4TMNJ Plenty of people do that, on every level of production. See how hellfire’s monitors are raised about 8 inches off his desk? — his tweeters would be 8 inches above his head if he didn’t turn them sideways. If anything, hellfire is smart for doing this. Good video hellfire! Keep it up!

  26. bubnjarovski at - Reply

    why i need 8 outputs for?

  27. theoneandonly3nasty at - Reply

    yea must cut vinyls .. ..lol fukerr ..u not orginal beat maker tss.. if u cut samples from cd… lol.. wtf .. what a diifferenece if u dint have cashe to buy technincs sht dont make beat’s just buy my records hheheeh .. sht u not original !! u r fake of ur self

  28. CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    i love ittt

  29. peteypete1984 at - Reply

    download samples come on now…. at least tell the kids about vinyl instead of playing those stock sounds that make my ears throw up just kidding i know ur doin ur job i wish i could get a job in that field but yea for real starti diggin in the crates kids!!!!!!!!

  30. Lifted680 at - Reply

    im pretty sure you can only burn sample cds with the cd drive and just use the usb port to load up samples to the flash card or hard drive

  31. jonnyrb1981 at - Reply

    check out Di Vinci to see whats possible to do live on an MPC his style might not be your cup of tea but his method should give you an idea of whats doable

  32. durivenegas at - Reply

    I know that the mpc is for production purposes, what is your opinion about live performance with an mpc? do you recommend another machine for live performance?

  33. tomcruze17 at - Reply

    hey tod make a video on mpc 2500 after you finish making the song on mpc how do i put all the song on mac and play it on itunes or any player ,nice work tod

  34. CAallday209 at - Reply

    i just bought an mpc 2500. my 3rd day with it. confusing as hell. but i’ll manage.

  35. BeatsNRhyms at - Reply

    ve bought an mv and an mpc ,sold the mv,mv isnt better then the mpc,roland wanted to buy the features of akai,they said no,so even roland admit by that that akai is somuch better,trust me ones you get an mpc it all makes way more sense then a mv,mv more feels like software to me ,but thats just my opinion

  36. 11kan11 at - Reply

    you could have the cd burner on the mpc1000 too

  37. cl8yt at - Reply

    you can with a mv 8800 for half the price,,never owned a mpc but i did my homework before i made my choice mv 8800 won me over and im lovin it…it makes me want to make beats..do your homework before you buy!!!1

  38. jazzysunny at - Reply

    i know nth about slamping im totally green for electronic stuff

    i wanna know can i just do some remix n sampling by only a mpc2500~?

  39. JusBeCuzz at - Reply

    uhh.. MPC as a mixer?

  40. abbaroc at - Reply

    richest brotha i’ve ever seen ..

    but he probly at guitar center

  41. chulukinat at - Reply

    true that

  42. DKW at - Reply

    The usb is just for transferring data, you cant trigger external sounds using the usb. You need to sync using a midi cable for that, liar

  43. nolanhardman at - Reply

    is there any way of deleting all the sequences and samples that come already on the internal memory

  44. Enfeeblement at - Reply


  45. griffinavid at - Reply


  46. wudsiba at - Reply

    where’s part two? Cool video…

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