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Akai MPC 2500 Beat making by DJ Hellfire. Pro Tools 8 (HD)

A beat I made. Actually made this on my MPC 1000 at a fathers day BBQ, then touched it up and tracked it on the 2500! Shot with a Canon Vixia HF20.
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2019-04-12T14:38:04+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    b3at2 at - Reply

    the track is hard all around flute and all……faggot LMAO

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    Kluriga1an at - Reply

    You go ahead and do that.

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    b3at2 at - Reply

    shut up

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    Allinall73 at - Reply

    WU, TANG!!

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    Kluriga1an at - Reply

    Realllly nice beat! But I think you should remove that flute, kinda destroys the feeling the beat delivers.


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    demodeiowa at - Reply

    Lose the flute it’s off scale dude… Overall it’s a sweet beat tho

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    jackdmiller69 at - Reply

    super dope its the shit

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    tinktwiceman at - Reply

    Hellfire this video is so dope!! need some more of this.. – ineedampc

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    vellrob at - Reply

    Sickness brugh…pure hip hop in its purest form. You got ya hands on a classic…give it to the right M.C.’s please! Fat Joe need to have this joint, foreal.

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    AjSmash at - Reply


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    GarlicSteaks at - Reply

    This shit is bangin! I just got an Mpc1000 can’t wait to freak it like this.

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    Gonzodagod at - Reply

    word my dude dats wat i found to work best

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    djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Oh really?! Hope the beat goes well with your beer!  Lol!

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    djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Don’t use autochop, especially on live music since there is no real steady tempo. Just adjust your chops manually to taste.

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    Gonzodagod at - Reply

    wats the best way to adjust that auto chop for them fluid chops? you funky by the way bro

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    Gonzodagod at - Reply

    wats the best way to adjust that auto chop for them fluid chops? you funky by the way bro

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    Anuthamillproduction at - Reply

    Very Nice!

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    angel111499 at - Reply

    Word up!

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    mic4rap at - Reply

    U r too hiphop brov
    i rank u with dj stoup

  20. blank
    djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Thanks man. I use Waves plugins, Sonnox, DigiDesign, all kinds man!

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    mic4rap at - Reply

    Hello mate,wat plugins do u use? its been well mixed.keep da fiya burning bro

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    Patjersey at - Reply

    Hot track!!!!

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    moodmusik at - Reply

    the soundtrack to this movie is ill. i won’t spill the beans on the sample though.

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    MyNameIsRakim at - Reply

    This should have so much more views.

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    djhellfire1 at - Reply

    Thanks homie! I get drums from vinyl, cd’s, mp3’s; pretty much where ever they are open!

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