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Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 14

Akai MPC 2500 Beat Making In Da Lab 14 hitcreatormusic.com THEPLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat production. It features a 32-voice drum sampler with up to 128MB RAM and extensive editing capabilities. Designed for professional music-production environments as well as DJs and other live performers, MPC2500 features a time-tested drum-pad surface, twin on-board effects processors, four Q-Link controllers for real-time control, 10 analog outputs, and a S/PDIF digital output. MPC2500 sports a 100000-note, 64-track sequencer that can be assigned to four different MIDI outputs for a total of 64 independently addressable MIDI channels. Internal sounds reside in flash memory and can easily be swapped out via Compact Flash cards, an optional hard drive, or an optional CD-ROM drive. A CF card with preloaded sounds is included to get you started.

2019-04-12T15:17:21+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|9 Comments


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    IIIDjIIISanhemIII at - Reply

    Now we need the Second Part !

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    IIIDjIIISanhemIII at - Reply

    Damn Sample Where u got from ? thats a freedom sample 😉
    Nice tapped 😉 =D

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    123Bastardo at - Reply

    little wing

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    TheMoney713 at - Reply

    jimmi hendrix

  5. blank
    allinonethegreat at - Reply

    That beat is fire homes

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    I created this track fast before going to work. I rushed it so I could put put another vid. I’ll try too do another one tommorrow but I think I’ll do a keyboard track.

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    utubegurl1 at - Reply

    very different you have your own style…i like the sample too

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    dazzelya at - Reply

    Cool sample. Hey I got this awesome song. Maybe you could do something with it. It’s a pretty old song in which it looks like the guy says’ gangsta kungfu. Would you like to check it out? (I can email it to you)

  9. blank
    Diamond4eva at - Reply

    Cool…but adjust the BPM.. the guitar loop would sound much better

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