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Akai MPC 2500 BEAT MAKING In Da Lab 9

htto://www.hitcreatormusic.ning.com ME IN DA STUDIO MAKING ANOTHER TRACK. THE PLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat productio…

A quick tutorial about syncing an MPC with Pro Tools 8. Stay tuned for more beatmaking video’s and tutorials on http://kneticblog.com/. Feel free to comment …
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2019-04-12T11:56:14+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|49 Comments


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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    What up. I run the keyboard sound through a focusrite twin track pro
    pre-amp.I run the drums straight to protools. After everthing is tracked
    out, I mix each sound with the waves diamond bundle.

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    mpcbeast at - Reply

    shit were u get that kick n snare ???

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    bageproductions at - Reply

    nice work

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    I run the mpc straight to protools using the 8 outs on the mpc.

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    youngingle at - Reply

    do u got a soundclick?

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    Gunrunna78 at - Reply

    I hear that DR-5 all day…..

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    joe75249 at - Reply

    man try to send that to black wall street game would go hard on that man i
    can hear him in my head on that one

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    treeZon1 at - Reply

    shit..go easy on them pads u brute..lol..but hot beat man

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    AgentKottonmouth at - Reply


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    dollabillbeats at - Reply

    theres a total of 14 outs on the mpc if u really know the mpc and u can
    track them into the computer by having a audio interface that supports 1/4
    and digital ins then set ur ins on pro tools and then record

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    jbjbizzle at - Reply

    Hey can you tell me how to make that keyboard work with te MPC 2500 I GOT
    Everything you got in that video Keystation 88. My Zone and Group on there
    is fucked up and it wont trigger my MIDI can you help? Were can I email you?

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    rezzo1 at - Reply

    Do you track out your 2500 on a mixing board or do you run it str8 to pro

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    yeah. I use the mpc for sampling and drums. That’s it.

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    ryannewt at - Reply

    yo that beat is fire dog…i just started with the axiom49 and ableton
    where do u suggest i go next?

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    no just a myspace page

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    ersin9mm at - Reply

    check all my beatt

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    AlienCommunity at - Reply

    nice beat but keyboard fucked it up

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    rezzo1 at - Reply

    word, I got my 4000 runnin into a mackie 16 channel and the the mackie into
    a 003 rack.

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    i got snares from records or I find them on limewire.

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    killuall at - Reply

    niceeeee got 5s

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    i have some sample cds. i get some drums from other producers i know.

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    use the midi out on the keystation pro board. run it to any on your midi
    ins on the mpc2500. Also when you cut your keyboard on, hold down the – &+
    buttons where it says snapshot on the keystation. that will reset anything
    you’ve screwed up. I dont use and of the knobs and faders on the
    keystation. hopefully that helps you out.. holla

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    hitcreatormusic at - Reply

    no. look at my setup video to see what i have.

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    @MegaSniv check ur inbox

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    subwayfan68 at - Reply

    @dustindef ….sometimes the timing is slightly off. Pre roll is set to 2
    bars so the the software can make the necessary corrections. The 2 bars is
    sufficient because PT makes corrections rather fast…….it’s safe that

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      Roxie at - Reply

      Gosh, I wish I would have had that inatmrfoion earlier!

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    Rohan Joseph at - Reply

    Excellent video. I’m trying to sync my Motif XS keyboard to Logic and this
    was a very useful video..How are you able to do a multri track recording?
    Have you set your MPC tracks to multiple outputs? Im confused :(. My
    question is – You have tracked out drums, bass, keys and some lead on the
    MPC. How do these come out on different tracks in Protools? Please help and
    thanks again for this information! 🙂

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    BLENDBROTHAS1 at - Reply


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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    At the time of this video. I was using a DIGI002 interface with 8 inputs. I
    was able to plug individual outputs from the MPC into the soundcard. You
    need a multiple input soundcard/interface to record more then one sound @ a

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    Ez L at - Reply

    how are they opened up as your tracks?

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    you have to record each track into pro tools with a multi input audio

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    Jayles101 at - Reply

    I run protools 7.3 this doesnt seem to work… any help?

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    BlazedOutTV at - Reply

    would i be able to record 8 mono tracks at once? do they have to be stereo?
    lets say i wanted all 8 outputs sending signal to pro tools. and each 1 had
    its own sound/sample, would it work to send all 8 out and assign inputs 1-8
    in pro tools

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    dustindef at - Reply

    hey why do you keep two bars blank when you can just set the count in

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    MegaSniv at - Reply

    Cool tutorial, but doesn’t this method kill the mpc’s swing?

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    I keep two bars blank to insure that there’s a lot of time for Pro Tools
    and the MPC to sync up through Midi Time Code. When syncing 2 sequencers
    it’s always good to have blank bars before the actual start of the
    track/song, easier for the 2 machines to communicate. Thanks for watching!

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    TritonKingsProd at - Reply

    did you upgrade yours mpc’s os cause my midi/sync doesnt have those options

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    LyricalInjectionRec at - Reply

    What interface are you using? I would love to know how you got it to record
    more than one track at a time. I m doing things the really hard way.

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    jadak1988 at - Reply

    thank you finally someone explains it correctly!!!! like like like you
    should say mpc 1000 too cause thats what i synced to pro-tools 8

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    if you have a multi input soundcard and you can record in one pass with the
    sounds separated then the swing will stay put. However you are correct that
    if you attempt to sync the MPC with multiple recording passes that the sync
    does shift. The small amounts of sync shift will cause you to lose the
    “swing”. Best bet is to pan your drums + multi input soundcard if you wanna
    use the MP. If not program the kick, snare & highhat. then dump your beat
    into the computer.

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    MegaSniv at - Reply

    Thanks for the reply. I have the mpc 2500 with a fireface uc (has 8
    inputs). Have tried several ways an am still in the search of the best
    method for tracking. Im not shure how the swing quantisation is applied on
    the mp. On individual tracks in the sequence as like shifted notes or a
    variation on its clock. If it is the last one the swing would be lost when
    syncing to an external clock like a daw. Sometimes i export the sequence i
    want to track to midi and import it into my daw (logic).

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    @TheSinghFIRE Definitely. For audio editing and sequencing I find Pro Tools
    the easiest. It’s what I’m used to tho. Ableton also is very user friendly,
    also works well when syncing the MPC. Pro Tools is the final stage for a
    lot of people. There are many “professional” aspects to pro tools that you
    won’t find in an Ableton or Reason(Record) for instance. Bottom line. Use
    what your fastest with. & Learn your shortcuts.

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    Dernst Emile II at - Reply

    LOL i already figured it out. nevermind.

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    nega2k6 at - Reply

    Few days ago I bought me a MPC2000xl without the EB16-card. I want to know
    now before I decide to buy it. Is it possible to use realtime EQ,
    Compression etc in Pro Tools when I sync the MPC ? I want to use the MPC as
    a master (or can this be done only when I use it as a Slave ?. All I want
    is hitting the pads on the MPC and EQ in PT, and record as usual on the
    MPC. Is it possible, how? what do I need more ? I have Pro Tools and a MIDI
    Interface (Fast Track C400)

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    Will Champlin at - Reply

    I got mine working but, the click always gets off, and I have the same
    tempo. MPC is following PT8 but the clicks must be different feel or

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    is there any latency ?? do u think ill have a problem with a Celeron
    Dual-core E3300 2.5GHz Processor ? and 8gb of ram

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    sadly you can only add effects from Pro Tools once the audio from your MPC
    has been recorded into Pro Tools itself. You can add effects and monitor
    the mpc with effects on the tracks inside pro tools however this is only
    affecting what you “hear” not what’s actually being recorded. MPC as Master
    or Slave works either way, however this doesn’t solve your problem

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    Dernst Emile II at - Reply

    @kneticmusic i just got an mpc 2500, and i’m trying 2 insert the 2 blank
    bars in the begining, tho i know how to do so, i notice, your loop only
    plays bar 3 and 4. i’m trying 2 figure out how 2 do that without it looping
    all the way back 2 bar 1 on the mpc.?

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    kneticmusic at - Reply

    @rjk1482 check the beat making video I replied there also. but for multi
    track recording I do use the multiple outs from the mpc and the motif into
    my soundcard. each output from the mpc and motif has its own input on my
    soundcard. for drumz sometimes mono and sometimes stereo depending on the
    source(keys, poly synths). you need a multi input soundcard. inbox me if
    you need suggestions.

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