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Akai MPC 2500 Beatwork 3 live by MINOR

Live mpc performance by MINOR in MNRco. Studio site: www.myspace.com/minormnrco
Video Rating: 4 / 5

El Super con un Akai Mpc 2500 tocandolo en vivo……
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:12:27+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|34 Comments


  1. SlowGTNR at - Reply

    Nice man. Good for you

  2. adam osment at - Reply

    cant begin to tell you how badly i want to find this sample….atleast point me in the right direction! haha

  3. druhill48 at - Reply

    I want to hear a complete version of this. Sick!!!

  4. scoreman75 at - Reply

    That was tight!! white boy with soul!! I’m feelin this!! Good job.

  5. IsmTwentyTwo at - Reply

    Yo that’s heavy,respect

  6. SirSWAGGARD at - Reply


  7. 4darecord2 at - Reply

    that was hot yo!!!!!!

  8. TheTyPEonER at - Reply

    Dope beat for sure! Head banging on a Friday morning, cheers for that man!

  9. sephistic at - Reply


  10. 209coconutty at - Reply

    nice work

  11. shester240 at - Reply

    exelente wm

  12. DJDoronin at - Reply

    And you can make techno bit with the “clappers”? Well, clear bass))) Show pliiz

  13. BigPfosten at - Reply

    killllaaaa great beat man you are the god of mpc!!!!!
    best beat i´ve heard for a long time!!!
    great job!!!

  14. KCObsession at - Reply


  15. PrAnG2000 at - Reply

    …but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s when he recorded it. 

  16. swiftkidimswift at - Reply


  17. RadaRBits at - Reply

    maaaasakra …. zapraszam do sprawdzenia mojego kanału

  18. theRealMuseum at - Reply

    holy……. nice work

  19. happybirthdayto007 at - Reply

    i like how it says the video was uploaded in may and youre wearing a santa hat. classy hahaah

  20. KillBillakaNiteMare at - Reply

    Sounds like some eargasms are among us. #Feelingit

  21. CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    NO, its not because the quality of the sample. Maybe a hardware damage?

  22. CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    I use the cd/dvd player of the mpc to record a sample. By the way, also when i pitch the sample up/down to one octave (+-12.00) it sounds bad.

  23. MNRco at - Reply

    tell me how do u sample. It can be caused because of the quality of the samples.

  24. CoyoteBeats at - Reply

    I have a problem with the PITCH SHIFT function. When i change the pitch of the sample to +1.00 or -1.00 (semi tone), than the sample sounds damaged. When put it to +12.00 or -12.00 (one octave) no problem. So there’s nothing wrong with the sample itself.

    Can you help me out? Thanks

  25. unnim at - Reply

    you are skilled, but why why do you pre set and playback. Oh I know. When you play the beats in real tiem it is more realisice drum play than when you program

  26. holaemga12 at - Reply


  27. ExtranjeroProduction at - Reply

    Ay como se llama la cancion en el comienso???

  28. spelka at - Reply

    wow man !… U got a killing beat right here… I love the hit hats !


    Spelka from france.

  29. flow11500 at - Reply

    la ostia tio ke makina XDD

  30. PedroRaperChiclana at - Reply

    Puto maquinaa

  31. mosdefman at - Reply

    skills man

  32. deejaykharma at - Reply

    k cabron

  33. sleepyhead408 at - Reply


  34. TR0jAX at - Reply


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