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Akai MPC 2500 Beatwork live 2 by MINOR

Live mpc performance by MINOR in MNRco. Studio site: www.myspace.com/minormnrco

OCB ZDW Zdunska Wola akai mpc 2500 beat
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2019-04-12T13:53:30+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|21 Comments


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    lilmamabeatz at - Reply

    hmmmm, I love the sample sounds real orchestral

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    XTigermusic at - Reply

    yeah, yeah, yeah…….thanks for this mo´fuckkin beats!!!!!!!

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    wasadealio at - Reply

    sick bro…that’s all i have to say…

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    detoxbeats2008 at - Reply

    dj honda

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    mikesluz at - Reply

    Juz widze ta kolejke raperow czekajaca by nagrac cos pod twoje produkcje

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    mpcluv at - Reply

    this is so nice!

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    AnikoBalogh at - Reply


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    MNRco at - Reply

    yes, it is m8

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    mfjonv at - Reply

    Nice work. Is this the same sample used in “Give it Up” with J-Live and R.A. The Rugged Man?

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    jackfragranza at - Reply

    big big props m8

    that sample was used also by club dogo- cronache di resistenza here in italy am i right? check that out

    anyway great job in all videos

    big up

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    drlukass at - Reply

    sampel podobny do tego z Wu-Tang Clan – Heaterz

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    ArtStudio85 at - Reply

    kozak w chooj! pzdR

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    bezetigrekka at - Reply

    no kuurwa synek coś Ty teraz odjebał.. 🙂 ogień 🙂

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    Anciara007 at - Reply

    no no Minor …nie wiem co napisac… rzeczywiscie lepiej niz wczoraj…..:FD pozdrawiam

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    poloe1 at - Reply


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    mastamnd at - Reply

    Feelin’ that joint….

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    VitusX at - Reply

    dla mnie bomba.
    Tak 3maj Minor

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    casperpoland at - Reply

    no stray grejt 😉 a jak ! 🙂

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    casperpoland at - Reply

    no stary! grejt 😉

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    bitrex1 at - Reply

    podoba mnie sie


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    kubster1993 at - Reply

    zajebisty bicik kilka razy dziennie go slucham 😀
    pZdr i o by wiecej takich….

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