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Akai MPC 2500 Hard Drive Installation MPCstuff.com

Akai MPC 2500 Hard Drive installation available at www.mpcstuff.com MPCstuff.com has everything for your Akai MPC
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2019-04-12T14:40:42+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|17 Comments


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    stokezbeats at - Reply

    stokezbeats to dark

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    beinglogic at - Reply

    Great Video!!!!

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    SuperSonicoTV at - Reply


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    foxfoobar at - Reply

    I didn’t tried it yet but i’m sure that you can install a HD which has more than 500GB because it’s connected to the USB bus, just like an external one. So i guess there’s only this 2TB limit, which many PC’s have because a bios doesn’t support more. Correct me if i’m wrong. Btw, i tried installing a second HD with an HP Multibay drive case instead of the internal CDR drive and it worked! Maybe i’ll post a vid when i get the chance to. Cheers!

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    PuCCiPuCCe at - Reply

    format your hard drive

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    postman878 at - Reply

    yo just delete it
    and try it again it should work dats what i did

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    mabus2007 at - Reply

    ok whats all this about jjos or other OS? i know it stands for operating system but have no idea what they do or are used for on the mpc 2500. could you explain abit more detailed for noobs like me? and how it helps your mpc? thanks a million

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    marz1beats at - Reply


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    matic777 at - Reply

    I dont know what mine was, as it failed after a few uses. I have since left the HD bay empty.

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    matic777 at - Reply

    A laptop (2.5″) only.

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    VideoGameMaster003 at - Reply

    Hi, I just purchased an MPC-1000 & wanted to know was the Travelstar Model: HTS541680J9SA00….? Because Microcenter dicounts these being that most people upgrade laptops over 120gb…

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    mathew41 at - Reply

    I just bought an MPC1000 to find out that it doesnt work at times. It sometimes freezes and the pads dont work. Does somebody know what the problem is or how can i fix it? and also is there a reset button on the MPC?

    Thankyou, really appreciate it !

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    Trakteam at - Reply

    Can you use a computer hard drive for the MPC2500??

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    MarcS4R at - Reply

    thanx for posting this, i was considering installing an internal hd on my 2500. whats tha maximum size a 2500 can handle ? any limits?

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    matic777 at - Reply

    The MPC 2500 needs nothing to install the hard drive, though check specs to match the recommended list on Akai’s site(I’ve got an 80GB Travelstar). The 1000 needs a chassis (HDM-10).

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    MISTAMOZART at - Reply

    is hdm10 unit included with the mpc when you buy it? i’ve recently placed a bid on one from ebay but the seller has told me i need to buy one…

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    herenooo at - Reply

    is this the same for the 1000 too?

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