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Akai MPC question?

Question by Sunset: Akai MPC question?
Can you make a beat from scratch just using the MPC or in other words, does it come with build in drum sounds etc. or do you need to program in your own sounds?.. if that makes any sense.


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Answer by zipper
Both = http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=akai%20mpc&search=Search

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    ryan h at - Reply

    It depends. There are only really 4 mpc’s out right that you can buy as new. The 500,1000,2500, and 4000(discontinued but, can be found new) I know for sure that the 1000,2500,and 4000 comes with sounds. These include drum and bass sounds. You will def. want to buy sounds. The stock ones are not that great. Gotchanoddin.com would be a place to start.

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