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Akai MPC renaissance vs MPC 2500

Akai MPC renaissance vs MPC 2500

Just a quick comparison of the physical controller vs the 2500.

2019-04-12T12:14:40+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|9 Comments


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    awok559 at - Reply

    Its because your using windows lol

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    Dzod at - Reply

    Quite simple really. One is a usb controller for your computer. The other
    is a real mpc. Well arguably it isnt because AKAI went bust over 10 years
    ago. They got bought out by numark. Cheaper components and lack of quality
    makes the 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 series nowhere near as good as the real
    akai stuff. Look for videos of old S-900, S-3200 and mpc-3000 and you’ll
    hear the difference.

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    MrBoxxed at - Reply

    looking forward to more comparisons between the too… cheers bra

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    Dzod at - Reply

    Get a 2000.

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    ttwistt at - Reply

    the LCD is the same size but the 2500 has a larger border. I will be
    posting a more in depth comparison soon.

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    maka veli at - Reply

    which has the largest screen?

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    81awesomeness at - Reply

    Renaissance is a joke!!!!! Mpc 500,1000,2500 or any actual mpc is better.

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    EFEdits at - Reply

    which do you think is better?

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    Tarik Asylum at - Reply

    im thinking of returning my mpc Renaissance for the 2500

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