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Akai MPC2500 JJOS-2XL Non Destructive Chop (NDC) workflow

Akai MPC2500 JJOS-2XL Non Destructive Chop (NDC) workflow

Tutorial on using the non destructive chop feature on an Akai 2500 with JJOS 2xl. By zeekzilla. zeekzilla is an upcoming hip hop producer who uses the Akai 2500 to make beats. Stay tuned for his upcoming album “evil synthesizer” and more beat making tutorials. Download link for this tutorials free drum kit and sample:

2019-04-12T13:14:37+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|5 Comments


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    zeektheemcee at - Reply

    haha! got to have a little fun man.

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    dachhh at - Reply

    “dont treat beat making like some fly by shit you punk ass bitches”.

    Very mature.

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    DrQTron at - Reply

    Hey man, great video, thanks for uploading! You should stick this on the mpc-forums!

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    mrdavide36 at - Reply

    where  the download at ?

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    MPCplayground at - Reply

    great video! i think it’s good that at first, the chops are placed in 32 equal steps. that way you can jump in by randomly pressing pads and find things you may not have found otherwise. 🙂

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