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Akai MPC2500 & MPC5000 direct record (Extended version)

www.SoundsForsamplers.com Tutorial Dvds Akai mpc2500 AND mpc5000 direct record demo from the www.soundsforsamplers.com Mpc2500 tutorial dvd on sale now!! Extanded video with extra beat programming and Direct record of a extranal keyboard. DIRECT RECORDING DEMO Direct recording is the ability to sample something while the sequencer is playing and have it automatically remember how you played it in the sequencer (while you where sampling) and it flys it into the sequencer automatically. So sampling and sequencing is done at the SAME time basically,and thats what direct recording is,sampling and sequencing at the same time. Normally when you sample a sound you have to assign it to a pad,and then get into your sequencers record (Play + Record) and tap it into your sequencer. With Direct record you play something live over a sequence while direct record sampling,and it remembers (how and where) you played it into the sequencer. Just direct record,assign to a pad and press play and its there.

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    MRHDOTCOM1 at - Reply

    What is this box thing? How to get one? Cheers!

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    jav045 at - Reply

    cant do it with the jjos though.

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    jav045 at - Reply

    cant do it with the jjos

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    ARToffical at - Reply

    sounds always bleed through for me and i cant understand why.
    i hear the the whole track and the click. cant get it to record only the sounds im playing from my keyboard . did everything you do but it don’t happen for me. the manual is no help.

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    MiracolloRally at - Reply

    you can either do a direct record as a sample or record as a midi events where you can use 16midi channels by creating sesion on fantom. The one and only issue is that every time you load your mpc sesion you have to do it on fantom too and it takes time.. with direct recording you simply load a mpc sesion and it’s all there but also you have to remember about mpc polyfony. Each recorded stereo sample eats 2 voices and if that sample is overlapping it eats them twice more

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    nvm i got it to record on it but it doesn’t monitor until i start recording

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    i run jj os xl and and i cant get it to record on the main screen help plsss

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    kwaseb at - Reply

    dont know much about the mpc but, it should have an input jack(s) on the back where u plug in your cord from your keyboard output to the mpc input and follow his instructions on the video. Put up some tracks if u do so.

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    kwaseb at - Reply

    u can record direct. MPC jacked the MV 8000/8800 da best sequencer/sampler

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    kman5404 at - Reply

    You can set the quatization after it has been sequenced.

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    kman5404 at - Reply

    You can use your fantom to directly record into the Mp. What will happen is when you record it, you can JUST assign it to a pad, or, keep it as a sample and manipulate it the way you want it to sound by chopping or adding effects, filter, etc.

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    robnhay at - Reply

    god damn I want mine

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    MmhGanja at - Reply

    yea, but it doesnt get quantized

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    MmhGanja at - Reply

    Can i connect my fantom x7 directly into the mpc, and record what i play on the fantom? or do i have to sample it?

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    krzone81 at - Reply

    all he did was use an open hat ,,, and set the slider to decay ..

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    supafrost at - Reply

    Great Stuff. Keep up the good work!

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    ukblack21 at - Reply

    hi i need u lots help i got a akai mpc 2500 but im trying to sample off my ipod, or laptop etc. so basically i got the rca cables u know the one that goes in a mpc and can plug it in say a ipod, laptop etc through the headphone bit, but the problem is when i hit mode and record its not picking any sound, what am i doing wrong i had an mpc years ago and i thought i did this once i jus bought this one yesterday pls help if its got issue i need to know asap

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    124reppin at - Reply

    yes siirrrrrrrrrr!!…lol

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    mylittleblindgirl at - Reply

    Sorry didn’t pull down this menu.

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    mylittleblindgirl at - Reply

    I really like the way you represent the mpc 2500, very good information, I learned alot just watching your youtube about the mpc 2500keep up the good work, and thank again

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    robotica808 at - Reply

    Great video, great MPC but can I ask are you Grand Nagus from DS9?

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    tamerlan4 at - Reply

    thanks man i got the 2500 too its the best mpee there is i think j dilla would be doin graet shit wif it

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    corndogers564 at - Reply

    Damn man! You make some sick beats. No lie, esepcially what you did at 2:00 with your mouth. That beat box was awesome!

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    zooyorkbbc at - Reply

    How did you use the Q link slider to control the hi hats? And can i do that on a MPC1000?

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    Thehardknox at - Reply

    Sound like a white bill cosby lol.. But all jokes aside good shyt!!!! GOOD VIDEO just learned something new

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