www.SoundsForsamplers.com Tutorial Dvds Akai mpc2500 AND mpc5000 direct record demo from the www.soundsforsamplers.com Mpc2500 tutorial dvd on sale now!! Extanded video with extra beat programming and Direct record of a extranal keyboard. DIRECT RECORDING DEMO Direct recording is the ability to sample something while the sequencer is playing and have it automatically remember how you played it in the sequencer (while you where sampling) and it flys it into the sequencer automatically. So sampling and sequencing is done at the SAME time basically,and thats what direct recording is,sampling and sequencing at the same time. Normally when you sample a sound you have to assign it to a pad,and then get into your sequencers record (Play + Record) and tap it into your sequencer. With Direct record you play something live over a sequence while direct record sampling,and it remembers (how and where) you played it into the sequencer. Just direct record,assign to a pad and press play and its there.