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2019-04-12T12:59:37+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|20 Comments


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    ayepluss at - Reply

    chur bro useful as

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    RsDaAntidote at - Reply

    Very Useful

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    RefueGizzle at - Reply

    thanks i bin lookin for this for ages..

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    djhaiezone at - Reply

    can you do this on the mpc 2000xl?

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    DoctorSess at - Reply

    ay i need help with something…how do you assign a sample to all the pads at once and then you can play each pad in succession and it will play through the different parts of the sample? i cant remember what its called…i know you can do it. you hit each pad 1 to 12 and it will play through the different parts of the sample like its already chopped…anyone that can help its much appreciated

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    JAtk2381 at - Reply

    Also, how is the best way to load chopped up samples from my PC to the MPC w/o having to use the CF cards? or is that probably my best bet to get songs chopped up and loaded into the MPC?

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    JAtk2381 at - Reply

    Does anyone know where I can find instructions on various ways to wire up my MPC 500.. just got it, but not quite sure which way to set it up.. as is, I have to plug my monitors directly to the MPC (phone jack) to get sound.. tried running it thru my Mobile Pre but its not working for me, perhaps I have some settings wrong.. anyone?? you’re hlp would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!

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    EROKBEATZ at - Reply


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    mrgalactus at - Reply

    Can you do the same on the mpc2000xl and if so how.

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    turbomoonie at - Reply

    chaning polyphony on the 500 only enables u to hit the pad multiple times while the sample stops and starts so it doesnt sound all jumbled up. mute groups allow u to play samples on different pads so that the previous pad cuts off when u play the next one… (cant explain too well…long ass day lol) polyphony changes only work in my experience in DAW’s such as FL studio and Reason

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    nuttybeatz at - Reply

    Great tutorial video homie! Stay up fam! peace!

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    Bryan Montero at - Reply

    You guys should put the dvd for instant downoad. i would like to buy it but i don’t want to wait the shipping.

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    Ancaja123 at - Reply

    I’ve had my 500 for almost a year, taught myself how to do almost everything I need to do on it. Me and MPC have a love hate relationship. I love the hardware, and most aspects of the OS(however primative), but I fucking HATE how much this thing crashes or just fucks up. Almost guaranteed to happen every time. I’ll have a sequence made with like 10 tracks and a program loaded up with samples and it fucking crashes when I try to save. I want a MPC1000 now but Im afraid it will do the same

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    Jihad Baracus at - Reply

    Jerry Bulter

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    blakjokah at - Reply

    all you gotta do is just change the polyphony does the same thing

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    zxain at - Reply

    Very nice, thanks a lot, what song did you sample?

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    Ryan Ziegler at - Reply

    thanks for posting this bruh! i always get asked this question as well….its really nice to actually have someone explain it for the 500!!!! Keep these videos comin! thanks a lot

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    dirtyru1984 at - Reply

    yo i need help on useing my mpc500 i just got it and i cant figure it out someone help me out and do a starters video or something

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    liveguy at - Reply

    yo…this aint workin’ for me, fam.

    When I got to – program - mute group – hit pad – my only options are mute group “off” or “on”.

    No numbers….

    Do I need to upgrade memory to have this function?

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    dfuzz1114 at - Reply

    no only manually

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