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Akai MPK-88 [engl.]

www.musik-schmidt.de www.musik-schmidt.de Musik-Schmidt, eine Niederlassung der S-MUSIC GmbH & Co. KG, Hanauer Landstrasse 338, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany Features of the Akai MPK88: * 88-key fully weighted, hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch for expressive melodic creativity * MPC-pad section of 16 genuine MPC pads with pressure and velocity sensitivity * MPC pads access four banks each for instant access to 64 samples * Assignable Q-Link controller section for flexible control of most software parameters * Eight Q-Link knobs, eight Q-Link faders, eight Q-Link buttons, three banks each * Key Split enables control of two different sounds from the same keyboard * Dedicated transport controls for tracking and editing * MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing, and arpeggiator aid in creative process * MPC Full Level, MPC 16-Level, Tap Tempo, and Time Division assist with tempo and dynamics * MIDI output over USB, bus powered, class compliant: plug and play with one USB cable * Comes with Ableton Live Lite Akai Edition software * Works with most MIDI recording, sequencing, and performance software * USB cable * Software CD
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    AdaMs910 at - Reply

    Can anyone help me? I bought a new AKAI MPK88 and there is something weird going on with the keyboard. It is now velocity-sensitive, but if I’d like to use it with some synthesizer I will have to switch it to the pressure-sensitive mode. Does anyone know how to switch it?

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    T1KKz at - Reply

    can you use a rack with this midi controller like a motif rack or korg, 

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    Xaederaz at - Reply

    I understood as much, was just trying to be a bit witty. Stupid me, I know, I know.

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    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    I mean the actual keys, not the drum part of the key which hits the string in the piano to make a sound..

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    Xaederaz at - Reply

    Isn’t that kinda what they’re supposed to do? :P

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    #UN# is cray!

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    hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Thank you so much!!!! #UN# is amazing!!

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    sudeeprocks30 at - Reply

    ‘But mm’-Drinking Game!!!

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    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    Oh, I had just woken up and didn’t see that you had written “Don’t”. Whoopsie, my bad.

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    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    No, I said I don’t live in Texas. I don’t even live in the USA..

  11. blank
    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    Well you could just type *hug* and everybody’s happy. You live in Texas huh? That’s cool. I love the dialects. Not so much the creationism. Ahh, one day I shall move to America!

  12. blank
    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    Well unfortunately I don’t live in Texas so I’ve never heard that saying before. Either way, why do you want a hug? Can’t you ask your mom or friend or sibling to hug you? It’s kinda hard receiving hugs from an anonymous online youtube user..

  13. blank
    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    I have one!!!

  14. blank
    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    I did agree with your comment though. Complaining about the keys making noise, pfft. I doubt it’s much louder than on a real piano. And yes, I make no sense, mate. I want a hug. That’s the end of it. And also, people agreeing with you doesn’t always make a point. I mean if you’re in Texas and you say “The world is 6000 years old” you’ll find plenty of people agreeing with you.

  15. blank
    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    A hug? What? Anyways, just to end this ‘conversation’, I got 14 thumbs up, you got none, the majority of people here clearly agree with me, and you started becoming arrogant towards me. And now you’re saying you wanted a hug? You make no sense lad.

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    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    And to think the only thing I ever wanted was a hug

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    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    Doesn’t matter if you’re Swedish or Indian. The IB is recognised globally. I know because you keep replying even after I said go make something out of your life instead of arguing with a stranger on the internet.

  18. blank
    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    Well I am Swedish. Should I know what an IB is? Wow, you must be psychic. How did you know my life is pathetic?

  19. blank
    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    Fucks sake. I wrote that at 6am, do you really think I give a rats tail? You’re just being picky now. I know my grammar, I know the differences between you’re, your, their, they’re, there and what not. I passed my IB Certificate with good grades, and I bet you don’t even know what IB is do you? So instead of arguing with a stranger via youtube, go make something out of your sad pathetic life.
    Ps. You HAVE it, not has it 😉 Idiot.

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    badrel66 at - Reply

    Correction. It is on. When the volume on your external speakers isn’t turned up.

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    badrel66 at - Reply

    Lololol. These keys are too loud! First I heard that. It’s an annoying sound (off or at lower levels) but I don’t think most people care how loud the keys are when they damn thing ain’t even on. Other reviews about mpk88 I’ve read at least talk about the feel of the keys. Not just the fact they’re weighted. nice board though.

  22. blank
    WolfySnackrib666 at - Reply

    But, but, but… piano… sophisticated… GRAMMAR! If you’re sophisticated you should take great care. 🙁
    WHOA, dude! Did you just say “and your half asleep”? Do you know the difference between “you’re” and “your”? Shame on you!!!
    Attention? I’ll tell you about attention. Guess what… attention, I has it. >:]

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    barnaclepotato at - Reply

    do you get a software with it when you buy the mpk88

  24. blank
    TheOneAndOnlyMe92 at - Reply

    You’re obviously so stupid, because what you’re saying there is GRAMMAR, and has nothing to do with pianos. I know the difference between its and it’s, but you know when it’s early in the morning and your half asleep, the last thing you care about is grammar. Stop being so picky. And besides, you reply a year after writing that comment, so clearly you wrote that to seek attention.

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    Footballnation65 at - Reply

    Good job bro

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    Acapella Angel at - Reply

    I love akai he rules

  27. blank
    mcbrian12 at - Reply

    what the populus wants to see.
    now this boy will have a wretched character.
    how could he stay grounded with dose hoes givin him such uncapable ciphres like 100000 pounds n shit. this is not the dimension a likkal boy like him should live in.

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    ayubyusuf49 at - Reply

    Wtf i can do better

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    eastchick1 at - Reply

    nice idea bro

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    JELLYBOB14 at - Reply

    ive met him at a tour he casual sits in the crowd right behgind me

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    kaheem96 at - Reply


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    MrFearLove at - Reply

    he so cool

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    Gilliard10000 at - Reply

    when I watch that i saw Ashley bajo in the distance

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    caramelo110 at - Reply


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    snakeyist at - Reply

    i just got dumped :[

    for saying that if we broke up i would go with a different girl double :{

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    juilinha22 at - Reply

    Nér KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Eurialto ‘

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    SUMEEYA1 at - Reply

    he so cute i love him

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    DarkAngelGirl100100 at - Reply

    mini Ronaldinho xD

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    prima1teenz at - Reply

    the new LIL LIL WAYNE :))

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    1723SAMUEL at - Reply


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    Bellandaon at - Reply

    he is such a talented boy and from my country too lol lol HE MUST GO FAR HE WILL MAKE IT YEAH

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    KinetixLOL at - Reply

    what a legend

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    playakkk82 at - Reply

    Hahaha A is for Atlanta Braves not Akia

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    MrJeffenino at - Reply

    1:34 …..yeah this a good idea!!

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    shakespearsplat at - Reply

    ‘he cant do the armwave xD

  46. blank
    TheBloodThirsty121 at - Reply

    i dont think he realises how much mmoney he has won! 🙂 xx

  47. blank
    queenlolliepop at - Reply


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    JustDreamingLife at - Reply

    ahah and buying a couple of hats xD

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