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AKAI S1000, MPC2500, S950, Allen & Heath GS3 quick jam

AKAI S1000, MPC2500, S950, Allen & Heath GS3 quick jam

http://www.soundcloud.com/r4ar. Akai S1000 just received in the mail. Loaded a break and quickly did this in 5 minutes. Probs not worthy of a video but I’m u…

2019-04-12T12:44:54+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|16 Comments


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    SlimMixer at - Reply

    this is great!

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    breconmafia at - Reply

    hey thanks dude much appreciated you on soundcloud?

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    subclonk at - Reply

    In future vids m8.

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    subclonk at - Reply

    Not sure mate. I’ll have a look inside my S950 and S1000 tomoz.

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    breconmafia at - Reply

    hey dude nice vid! do you know if the s1000 uses the same parts as the s950? the metal control pot on one of my s950s is dying and i was wondering whether it could be replaced with one off an old s1000

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    subclonk at - Reply

    No probs m8 🙂 I love my GS3 because of the routing possibilities. Obv would love to get either a Trident 80b, Amek, Toft ATB, Neve, SSL, etc when I get loads of money.

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    Paul Bishop at - Reply

    I see, thanks for the info!

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    subclonk at - Reply

    An RME Fireface 800. I have groups 1-6 out’s and Master tape mix 1 L-R out connected. For the last couple of years though I’ve only used the Master L-R tape 1 mix out. It’s just what I prefer to do atm; all mixing on the GS3, committing to and recording a master mix rather than stems into the computer.

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    Paul Bishop at - Reply

    Hi mate, I have the GS3 also, was wondering what audio interface you use with your gs3?

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    federacionhiphop at - Reply

    can you explain the connection between the mpc2500, the console, and the s950?

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    iwskh at - Reply

    great groove tune

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    Anthony David at - Reply

    S1000 is my fave piece of gear ever!

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    subclonk at - Reply

    dbx118, dbx119, urei/jbl 7110 x 2 (with transformers), alesis 3630 for gating.

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    subclonk at - Reply

    12MB, although I had to create an OS v4.40 floppy with a Win98 bootdisk in order for the S1000 to see over 8MB. The woman I bought it from said the floppy drive didn’t work, but it totally does! 🙂 I installed a brand new backlight too and it looks spanking now.

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    vegunited06 at - Reply

    £30! not bad for an s1000! how much ram?

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    vegunited06 at - Reply

    wicked, what compressors/gates you got there?

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