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Araab Muzik on Akai MPC 2500

@hoodstasouth [Araab Muzik on Akai MPC 2500] from TwitVid – twitvid.com

2019-04-12T15:10:55+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|24 Comments


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    podfigo at - Reply

    do ya see me, ha? :)

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    Blazinnig at - Reply

    never know that a mili jawn was a sample of left my wallet in el segundo

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    CheetoPuffin at - Reply

    ya thats talent right there

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    MegaIwon at - Reply

    why bother trying to sell me you think its funny we both know youre mad…and half retarded

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    sepb88 at - Reply

    Hahahaha wtf

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    MegaIwon at - Reply

    your lying, you know your wrong, wont admit it to yourself. it will set off a chain reaction in your life where you lie to yourself into a pile of shit. this guy has talent you said he didnt. you commented on his accent i called you out your little pudgy cheeks blushed and you deleted your comment and threw some little pet names at me. congrats. and yes you are a sorry person

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    sepb88 at - Reply

    I said this guy has no talent, just fast hands. Didn’t say anything about how he speaks but whatever. You must be ethnic and a target to racism, I feel sorry for you mate, all the best.

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    MegaIwon at - Reply

    well if i could refer to your comment im sure i could respond to directly but it looks like you deleted your own comment because its racist and you gave me an irrelavant and moronic reply because you are insecure about being wrong. oh now i remember you said something about him being a no talent monkey who cant speak right. hm well you know what that soundskind of racist. and if im a dumb cunt that makes you a smear of shit on the earth that ought to be cleaned up not to mention unworthy to talk

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    sepb88 at - Reply

    So, not only am I small minded for not liking this, but I’m also a racist?? Sorry but what the fuck does racism have to do with my taste in music…? I was watching some Melo-X videos and was suggested to check this out, turned out to be crap I-M-O. If you like it good for you, but you’re a dumb cunt for thinking that’s racism.

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    eatm3dry at - Reply

    sum 1 shut that hoe up, put a fuckn dick in it 🙂

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    MegaIwon at - Reply

    your pretty small minded. so what if he isnt the best public speaker go listen to his record it’s quality. i get the funny feeling you are skeptical because you are racist

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    alvl37rollinstoner at - Reply

    Lls can’t see my eyes cause my brim is bent ya dig

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    djsublogic at - Reply

    Then do it bitch.

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    Harutbeatz15 at - Reply

    another araab hater

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    QnzkiddGrimeyy at - Reply

    Hiver & Hammer - five million miles.

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    bambamltd at - Reply

    araab musi has been a big inspiration to me and my beat making love

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    JohneySoQlose at - Reply

    If hes makin his hustle work…great. Im not diggin his style though. tooooooo freakin fast.

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    DeuCe316 at - Reply


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    sk1perr at - Reply

    vai tu vez şeva?

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    YorkMillz at - Reply

    holy shit mann mashallah nigga!!!!

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    sk8ordietrin at - Reply

    stevie wander had no fuckin eyes but got blessed these guys with golden fingers

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    KillaBeesOnDaSwarm at - Reply

    i mean im not really feeling his beats, but he does have golden fingers to tap drums that fast..

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    undermisensiOPC at - Reply

    this dude got no eyes

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    david13detroit at - Reply

    lol yo……this niggah just sold a 23 thousand more akais lol

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