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B.DURAZZO “Dream” TWO MPC 2500 @ ONCE Live Beatmaking

Benjamin Durazzo performing “Dream” live from his EP “Beats Volume 1½” (Available for download via bdurazzo.bandcamp.com). The performance is 100% in realtime without any sequenced loops. Thanks for checking out the video!
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2019-04-12T13:09:29+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|21 Comments


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    LoganTheGeeRaff at - Reply

    That kick is dope . I like how you leftthe tail end of the sample on it .

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    cra bunday at - Reply


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    Greenwoods19 at - Reply

    dont matter i got skills in beats but not that big mony for it to buy shit like this

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    tokyosoho at - Reply

    nah I would want his skills instead

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    aytech120 at - Reply

    SICK MAN big up. 😀 and sure .. respect 🙂

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    Greenwoods19 at - Reply

    i whant this beat 

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    randomheadshot at - Reply

    This is sick. Glad I stumbled upon your channel. Diana’s video was sick too!

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    djDMANCQ at - Reply

    kids incredible.

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    AfrikanGod1 at - Reply

    thats good man , im gonna get the album!

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    Tamagumo at - Reply

    Nice man, this has a Nujabes vibe to it 🙂

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    RuggedHawaiian at - Reply

    Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick

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    afropick8 at - Reply


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    OfficialB13 at - Reply

    <3 You always make love to every sample you make. gosh! :-

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    seedriccardo at - Reply


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    SwissGearLabs at - Reply

    … epic …

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    catacombkid1 at - Reply

    Are you practicing for a tour?

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    Crastics07 at - Reply

    There’s never a dull moment on this dude.

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    ooProduction at - Reply

    I wish I could do this with 1 hand and 16 pads! Never mind 2hands and 32 pads lol good beat simple but effective that’s hip hop!!

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    weedman0987654321 at - Reply


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    MAGZofficial at - Reply


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    VlaanderenAndCo at - Reply

    Fuck yes! New album’s going to be Fresh!

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