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B.DURAZZO “Heavy Set” Dual MPC 2500 Live Beatmaking

Benjamin Durazzo performing “Heavy Set” Live. Download his debut album “Beats Volume One” (Available for download via bdurazzo.bandcamp.com). The performance is 100% in realtime without any sequenced loops. Thanks for checking out the video!

Me making a quick beat from scratch…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:39:14+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|49 Comments


  1. LoganTheGeeRaff at - Reply

    Araab is fast , but hes beats lack soul an style .

  2. spacekees102 at - Reply

    dude those beats sick man sounds like RZA or some

  3. OfficialWells at - Reply

    MUSIC IS MUSIC folks…they aren’t making these songs to get compared…they are making it because it’s their way of expressing themselves…you prefer B. Durazzo others might like Araab…their’s nothing wrong with that…If you only like him because he does “real” hip hop then you are doing it for the wrong reasons…Enjoy this man’s brilliance because it puts you in the mood you want to be in…Most people nowadays want to get drunk and party…Thats what Wacka Flocka and Dubstep is for…

  4. barryxfader at - Reply


  5. theweberjosh at - Reply

    Amazing !!

  6. karniielw at - Reply

    id like to hear cypress hill spit on this

  7. Dyplayb at - Reply

    vamos ya q makina se a comprao, se sale perece , joee como moa el chisme.

  8. tollylientje at - Reply


  9. Dottin at - Reply

    A comparison can be made, because both claim the Hip-Hop culture – when in reality one is making pop, dubstep crap and the other is blatantly a fan of the truth culture.

  10. tokyosoho at - Reply

    they’re two completely different styles, who can’t really be compared. You’d be better off comparing to him Jeremy Ellis’ mpd/maschine sessions

  11. chimchimtex at - Reply

    not only was that amazing talent, that was the illest beat ive heard in a while. diggin the samples

  12. thanatas at - Reply

    this beat made me sleep

  13. jfrodub at - Reply

    Amazing. I dig your samples, where do you get them from? Have any opinion on the Maschine Mikro vs the MPC 2500?

  14. Node202 at - Reply

    You got it all going on just right man, very solid shit. Props!

  15. nelsk3 at - Reply

    So fresh!!!

  16. OfficialWiredUP at - Reply

    This is what YOUtube was made for…Respect to the ambidextrous muther licker….
    Cool as fuck.

  17. 3Dxxxx at - Reply

    sweet groove

  18. Sandurz at - Reply

    So true. Araab doesn’t have shit on this.

  19. thoro4star at - Reply

    this beat is so raw

  20. withaspoon94 at - Reply

    his left hand looks weird to me, like hes not hitting everything

  21. CarloBerlin89 at - Reply

    awesome track…
    please tell me, what’s the sample? Or is it your own sample?

  22. xOBS3SS10NX at - Reply

    hey do you think having a drum background helps? i have been playing piano for 8 years and guitar for 3. I want to improve my beats. will drum lessons help?

  23. pcigroot at - Reply

    araab isnt wack. he is good at what he does, its just different then what this is. araab uses the mpc in sampling and plays on loops sometimes and puts drums over it and over shit. theyre both great just doin different shit.

  24. Bandesnaci at - Reply

    THIS is what it means to be an MPC artist, man! You got style, technique, and musical sensibility. THIS is what it means to be a musician! Congratulations! subbed.

  25. jTacticsBeats at - Reply

    awesome man, fan of your work

  26. RicardoTheOverachiev at - Reply

    @vnlwlgx yes even my senior teachers also hide about this killer music composer software from me. And you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. have a look here –> bit.ly/MPUNAU?=zorgzt

  27. EROKBEATZ at - Reply

    Rick Ross would fuck this beat!!!! BayArea swag all day!!! Yeeee

  28. hotbeatz13 at - Reply

    i found some crazy kits with bangin 808s at stupiddrumkits. com

  29. GCash76 at - Reply


  30. gijoeproducer at - Reply

    niiiiice beat bruv! 

  31. SoleFix4Addicts at - Reply

    nice beat man. Could of been much better, just needs a better mixdown.

  32. taxman806 at - Reply

    AwReady playa! I like that beat man!

  33. lilsyd82 at - Reply

    Bro what chords are those if you don’t mind

  34. defkhann1 at - Reply

    The Beat is crazzzy. Ride it til the doorz wheelz & tires fall off man. I know u dont need to go to the hospital, but ur sick playboy, Detroit feelz u.

  35. DigitalDevilXL at - Reply

    Nuthin is like making a beat from hardware . any G , did you record it in a daw ?? you shoulda recorded that into a dat .. you lost quality from the fatness of your sounds recording in a daw . unless you 2 track it out …but I’m guessing you single tracked out everything ..

  36. illanoiz1 at - Reply

    I wasn’t sure at first….you had me kinda scared but this turned out nice. Klean beat! Good work

  37. awtrbmamfacahpf at - Reply

    Duckhop. Seach that on youtube. watch first video hit. Animals, ducks etc. music.

  38. brandonwilder19 at - Reply

    This beat coming down bro. The MPC game sick in this one. I’m trying to hook up my G6 to my MPC 500. Any instructions for that bro.

  39. dcinnTV at - Reply

    i havent used the motif or the xp….i plan on gettin a motif soon tho

  40. dcinnTV at - Reply

    @VoiceCoilEnt preciate that G!

  41. dcinnTV at - Reply

     Im in Memphis…i love chords!

  42. dcinnTV at - Reply

    highly appreciated homie!

  43. dcinnTV at - Reply

    thanks man!

  44. dcinnTV at - Reply

    thanks for checking it out homie!

  45. dcinnTV at - Reply

    nah lol…i already used this beat

  46. nextablo at - Reply

    wat up wit this beat… still up for grabs

  47. ilovepeavey at - Reply

    absolutly great work and very nice beat greatings from Poland

  48. mobbboss209 at - Reply

    at least im honest

  49. shenzum18 at - Reply

    nice works bro love&respect

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