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BACH to HIP HOP making beat mpc 2500 beatmaking female hip hop producer

Beat starts @ 2:50 ­čÖé www.kaykaybeats.com http www.twitter.com Bach, as in JS Bach!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

me with the mpcs. same samples on each.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T14:39:36+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|49 Comments


  1. powers473 at - Reply

    Damn, you’re better than most dudes I know that do´╗┐ this shit. Your amazing…Please marry me ­čśë

  2. megeshawn at - Reply

    i was thinking K west for rapping on this beat, but then you added something it sounds straight west coast like´╗┐ you said. if you have already i hope you get your big break

  3. LitongX1 at - Reply

    fap fap´╗┐ fap

  4. NSluyter at - Reply

    this is really nice melody, good´╗┐ start

  5. wrathallll at - Reply

    What was the name of that vst synth you spoke about in 1 of your video’s? same synth used to make Timbo /´╗┐ JT ‘My Love’ ??

  6. chimchimtex at - Reply

    i love´╗┐ you

  7. MIOMAR2B at - Reply

    Ima keep my eye on´╗┐ you.

  8. fruity203 at - Reply

    are u´╗┐ usin fruityloops?

  9. MrLTS21 at - Reply

    Yeah,´╗┐ this track definitely got that Cali sound…Dopeness

  10. SlappingBeats at - Reply

    you got´╗┐ style!

  11. meghannthegreat at - Reply

    as a female producer myself, im just wondering how´╗┐ old are you? you have a lot of talent.

  12. shing02 at - Reply

    get gangsta´╗┐ n make a trap beat lil asian princess

  13. Coddy018 at - Reply

    Marry´╗┐ meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  14. cicalone70 at - Reply


  15. BMWdisciple at - Reply

    lollll says´╗┐ boobspassion. But hey it’s true she’s pretty and she looks nice.

  16. fable3435 at - Reply

    keep doing your thing´╗┐ girl

  17. nnlr3 at - Reply

    you should produce some materials to the everchanging hip hop scene thats going more to disco yours remind me of the original hip hop melodic style.. good job.´╗┐

  18. sportsaholic503 at - Reply

    i think thats awesome that you integrate classical music with hip´╗┐ hop

  19. fable3435 at - Reply

    nice very´╗┐ nice

  20. Shojahan at - Reply

    How often you meet a girl who’s both beautiful and actually good at something´╗┐ you like?

  21. LetMeTakeOff at - Reply


  22. blopeezy at - Reply

    dont mean to be a dick but more piecing together a beat´╗┐ and less talking it would be dope and i wouldnt fast forward threw this

  23. mastaaceexclusive at - Reply

    teach mee´╗┐

  24. umbrellaredfield123 at - Reply

    what is cool about the 2500 kay, is that u can be over on the other side of your setup say at your keyboard for example, and u can run the mp,. rec.dub stop play, tc. really comes in handy when your doing tracks from instruments that are not close to the MP

  25. LimerGDrem at - Reply


  26. philuis at - Reply

    go dig´╗┐ fag

  27. hiphopsamplez at - Reply

    Dope #UN#!!´╗┐ Need samples? hmu…

  28. sipainkitajane at - Reply

    How much is that sir?´╗┐ and where you connect those cables

  29. dbxmusic at - Reply

    ssick video!! :)´╗┐

  30. cenzart at - Reply

    nice playing and samples, can you tell me where you get those samples or share´╗┐ the rack ?

  31. SiLiUSD at - Reply

    Can I´╗┐ get those samles somewhere? Or can You upload them?

  32. SeedsOfHatred at - Reply

    One can make music other than Rap or Hip-Hop with this thing, right?´╗┐

  33. excarbes at - Reply

    en el minuto 1:22, el HH lo tienes respaldado por un´╗┐ bucle. buen truco!!

  34. militaryminded85 at - Reply

    that would´╗┐ be boring

  35. MrSeven707 at - Reply

    yea you a killer on those mpc’s man, wrd :)´╗┐

  36. maciekyeye at - Reply

    Amazing! Where can I buy these samles? Did u chop them?´╗┐

  37. jayodonnell1289 at - Reply

    a legend´╗┐ on the pads. beautiful work man

  38. princeaizen at - Reply

    I’m 8 month late but…OWNED!!´╗┐ BIATCH!!

  39. DoctorSess at - Reply

    yes, i started on 500 and it was great. it has its limitations and is honestly built a little cheaper than the rest but you get what you pay for. Great for just´╗┐ getting started, and its a lot of fun no matter what. peace.

  40. DoctorSess at - Reply

    the MPC is a real instrument… people hate what they do not understand!´╗┐ your ignorance betrays you!

  41. ImDino at - Reply

    it was´╗┐ ok

  42. Jannto at - Reply

    Haha, awesome work!´╗┐ Should throw a bel air acca pella over this.

  43. MrDreEntertainment at - Reply

    your samples ? really nice one man. really nice´╗┐

  44. RDdaNINJA at - Reply

    Damn, this was´╗┐ good!! How much did it cost, though?

  45. descargamusicalny at - Reply

    Does´╗┐ your 500 sound relatively low compared to the 2500? mine does…. even setting it at 0db output it is still too discrete…

  46. ACash521 at - Reply

    this is´╗┐ great. !

  47. imbecille92 at - Reply

    good groove´╗┐ man!!!
    do you think that the mpc 500 is good for a beginner??

  48. datrevdaman22 at - Reply

    h´╗┐ t´╗┐ t p : / / soundcloud . c o m / trevj

  49. flimter at - Reply

    classic hip hop thankz´╗┐ 4 the upload bout to cop a 500

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