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Bad Company – An Electro House tune with an oriental feel. Akai MPC, Roland SH-101, Juno 6

Bad Company - An Electro House tune with an oriental feel. Akai MPC, Roland SH-101, Juno 6

Originally sketched out on my MPC 2500. Fluty lead sound is my Roland SH101. Nord Lead 3 used for the electro bass sound, Juno 6 for NRG bass. This is only r…

This is the install of the new pads offered by Akai for the MPC1000 which are sold through www.mpcstuff.com . These pads make your Akai MPC 1000 feel like th…
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2019-04-12T12:44:34+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|31 Comments


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    kolakube123 at - Reply

    Thanks so much mate. Its great to know people are appreciating one of my productions.

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    Nick Leijenhorst at - Reply

    Watching this now and it’s still amazing!

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    kolakube123 at - Reply

    Ive since made a 12″ extended mix. Ill send you the link when it finally gets finished.

    Thanks for the listen mate.

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    gadgetg1 at - Reply

    very cool 😀 reminds me of when I was in chicago listening to a lot of electro 😀 its like electro/goa XD

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    LiquidSocietyDJ at - Reply

    amazing! :D

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    kolakube123 at - Reply

    Thanks mate. Means alot coming from yourself.

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    vinyljunkie07 at - Reply

    Great tune mate

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    Lord SkimmelToe at - Reply

    “ive used them so much they all died” and at the end of the video he says…”sorry for the sound kit i dont think ive ever used it”….A hole

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    scifiaudious2 at - Reply

    hes fine. just really excited about this machine. fuck yeah

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    BeatsByKrinny at - Reply

    can you please make an update video???

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    injeckshun at - Reply


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    ThaHipHopCulture at - Reply

    create your own way to fix old pads.

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    facciolite at - Reply

    good fuckin video

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    BigLargeBad at - Reply

    i love how fast it is.

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    naikou4lyfe at - Reply

    me too.. I wanted to check out the comments if I was the only one and appearently not lol

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    Robert Wydeven at - Reply

    As you can see Im not bull shitting….That made me laugh for some reason.

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    bussyahead09 at - Reply

    I’ve received the kit today and just finished the upgrade. My kit was the same as mahadevaji’s up there…removing the the cable that’s already attached to the kit and using the original on my 1k worked just fine…it was pretty awkward to get it attached,though

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    Nosam09 at - Reply

    Just got mine today. It was an easy install and a well needed upgrade. I had the individual pads and the first 4 pads were dead. Thanks mpcstuff for saving my mpc I don’t even care I had to wait a year. I would have been waiting longer if I never would have discovered you website. Thanks again. I will be back next month for the complete all black case. I hate my original blue case lol.

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    Fielding Williams at - Reply

    hewllo, you awwm to hVW MIATAkwn MY broken button, please return to me!!! tghanks.

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    NagChampasMusic at - Reply

    My spin wheel isnt as responsive now. The pads arent responding to the max still. Any advice?

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    SKULLxSNAPS at - Reply

    if your mpc1000 has the individual sensors and wanted to get the upgrade kit and only received the sensor sheet… yes you got screwed..

    you need the metal plate to lay the sensor sheet on as well as need the connectors..

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    zblofu at - Reply

    depending on which mpc version you have you may need the full upgrade kit not just the sensors. Generally the older blue and black MPC 1000s need the full upgrade kit.

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    zblofu at - Reply

    I just did the pad upgrade and to answer my own question, yes you can use JJos 4.99. Also I found the images located at the mpc forums dot com in the mpc 1000 boards. Sorry Youtube wont let me post the url. But check out page 9 or so of the thread called “FIX YOUR DEAD PADS – PICS & INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE” and there are some very detailed pics that along with this video made it a snap to replace my pads.

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    zblofu at - Reply

    Sorry if this was stated elsewhere but can you do this upgrade with JJ os 4.99 ?

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    doctordoctormpc at - Reply

    i ordered the upgrade kit recently. it only came with the sensors. Nothing else. is this the new kit you are talking about? Or did i get screwed over…

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    frankovich213 at - Reply

    Yeah man do it. They are always out of stock because when the upgrade kits come in they just give them all to the people who have pre-ordered. They never have any just sitting around in stock. It’s Akai’s fault. They purposely only make small quantities of the upgrade kits so that people will just say fuck it and buy a 2000 or something.
    But fuck Akai bro, order the upgrade and just be patient. You’ll get em. Well worth it too. U might get em quicker cause u in the US. I’m in Aus

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    MrJohhnyblaze at - Reply

    bro should i even try ordering the kit from mpcstuff? they have been out of stock for a while . i have a black 1k and it has the old sensors , looking for advice for these dead pads

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    frankovich213 at - Reply

    Well since I have no way of knowing if my JJOS is “which ever one ya need” I guess I’m just gonna have to try it and see what happens.
    Thanks for the clear instructions mpcstuff

    Oh and you forgot to mention that the ribbon from the sensors is right where the plug is for Q2 fader so to get the plug in you have to crunch down the ribbon a bit and hope that it still works. So it doesn’t really “work perfectly” at all.

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    frankovich213 at - Reply

    The black ones already have the better pad sensors installed. The blue models have really crappy sensors which you will have to change.
    My advice is to order these pad sensors immediately if you are even thinking about getting an MPC1000 cause I ordered mine about 3 months ago and only just got them last week. They gave me a free set of pads cause I had to wait so long though.

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    dbanga5 at - Reply

    i was gonna get thse sensor from vst but they said it wouldnt work with the blue models

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    CHRCAR5 at - Reply

    so did you get this pads? how are they?

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