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Beatmaking Video Akai MPC 2500 JJ OS XL – Beatzunami.com

Beatmaking Video Akai MPC 2500 JJ OS XL http://www.beatzunami.com Short Beatmaking video of the rap beat called “Give it” soon available at our official webs…
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2019-04-12T12:10:23+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|7 Comments


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    Beatzunami Rap Beats at - Reply

    NEW! Beatmaking video with MPC 2500 !

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    Nicholas Rubini at - Reply

    Brand new beatmaking video ! Classic Rock sample ! Soon available at
    http://www.beatzunami.com as Lease and Exclusive Beat.

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    Josue Arias Beltre at - Reply

    Yoo who made that logo for you???

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    ThePrhymeElement at - Reply

    Yeahhh. This joint’s hot my dude. Keep em coming.

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    Smoove B. at - Reply


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    Beatzunami Produzioni at - Reply

    Thanks to the both of you !

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    Manny Mack at - Reply

    I need some advice I just got a 2500 I save on a cf card but everytime I go
    to save a beat its never there the name is but the sound isnt I been saving
    it save enitre memory which one should I save it in

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