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Best equipment for a east coast producer?

Question by Flames: Best equipment for a east coast producer?
List the best equipment, and your dream equipment if you could have anything.
No, no, no… list THE equipment that you would want or you think is the best for a east coast producer.

Best answer:

Answer by Jess S
I like the roland MC 505 – and post editions up to 808, very good for producing. Can use samples off your computer, keyboard, or pretty much anything.
I produce drum and bass, hardstyle, and various other forms of music – but these groove boxes are great for making anything..

sadly, atm I cant really think of anything else id love to have.. maybe a korg chaos pad, or electribe, but unsure..

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    Laitnesse drives,Eason sits at - Reply

    A computer.

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    lino_rhino at - Reply

    Mac, Logic 8, MOTU 828mk2, Edirol PCR30, Akai MPC 2500 Akai MPC 1000, Event ASP8 Studio Monitors,
    Lucid DA9624 24/96 kHz D/A Converter
    Lucid AD9624 24/96 kHz A/D Converter
    Avalon VT737SP Class A Mic Processor
    Solid State Logic XLogic G Series Compressor
    Lexicon PCM91 Digital Stereo Reverb Processor
    Neumann U87 Anniversary Microphone
    Rode Classic II Tube Microphone
    AKG C414 B-XL II 5-Pattern Condenser Microphone
    ElectroVoice RE20 Classic Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
    Yamaha SKRM100 SUBKICK Low Frequency Capture Microphone
    Sennheiser MD421II Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
    about 5 Shure SM58’s and 5 Shure SM57’s
    Acoustically Treated Control Room, Vocal Booth
    Acoustically versitile live room
    Waves, Native Instruments NI Komplete Bundle, Antares Auto-Tune Pitch Software, Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band Virtual Instrument Package, Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano Software, IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Software Synth

    that should do for starters

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    NsAyN3 at - Reply

    Well I already have a MPC 1000

    But I loved to get my hands on an EMU Sp 1200 and a Akai 950…Mackie 16track board…Tascam digital 8track recorder…two brand new technique 1210’s gold edition…protools…apple imac…a Fantom keyboard…a moog…but this is still small time…thinking more on a lil homebase studio

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