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Best I Ever Had remake on (For Sale: MPC 2500)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

2019-04-12T13:17:27+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


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    sTRstRUK at - Reply

    haha i agree

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    arvin91 at - Reply

    “you get the point, easy”

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    djtes90 at - Reply

    dude…srsly..learn to read comments..i already stated that i didnt write the damn comment..i like this video..i really do…now can we all calm down..this is just a mis-understanding

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    thabeastly at - Reply

    learn how to spell bitch quit hating in this kids skills…

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    soylavoz at - Reply


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    experiment0003 at - Reply

    is this a female? oh shit.. the hand threw me off

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    DrummaBoy202 at - Reply

    most pointless comment ever.

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    djtes90 at - Reply

    um..i hope you know that i posted a comment on here appologizing because i didnt post that comment….it was my couzin..he didnt sign off my account..i think this is great..and Scott Stortch is one of my favorite producers…so calm down

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    MisterMillian at - Reply

    @djtes90 anyone except hatin ass fucks like you. whats wrong with bein white you faggot piece of shit? And if you know how to do this shit yourself make a video and put it up to show him whats up. Can’t buy a camera? Maybe YOU should go get a job at McDees so you can afford it. Apparently they pay pretty well for him to have that equipment right?…. Get that shit faggot fuck…. @thekidclassic good work. i’m tryin to learn how to do it myself.

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    wisdimproductoins at - Reply

    this shit is ill fuck the haters

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    djtes90 at - Reply

    @Spectra1Beats i know of scott storch..and i love his beats..so liek…whut ever bro.. 🙂

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    djtes90 at - Reply

    @Spectra1Beats um..i dont think you read my response bro…i dint write that comment..my cousin did..his dumb ass frgot to sign outt…and after all..this is real nice

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    djtes90 at - Reply

    look guys..i dint write that comment…my couzin was fuckin around with my accout and commented on this shit..and i guess he frgot to sign out..i accualy think it pretty good..keep up the good wrk bro.. 😀

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    JohneySoQlose at - Reply

    Easy! Ha… I would like to have the ching-a-ling that easy beat made… But yeah, simple.

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    JohneySoQlose at - Reply

    boooooooooooooo what the hell does the kids color gotta do with it? Martin luther king would b-slap you!

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    WundaTwinzTV at - Reply

    dam why so hateful you dont even know this cat he could just be startin out shit everybody got room for improvment im black your an embarresment to black folks

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    thirdeyefocused at - Reply

    much respect

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    thekidclassic at - Reply

    BTW youre a fag lol

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    digismoke at - Reply

    Pretty simple chop and slice, not all that impressive. BTW you have feminine hands.

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    hustleincrecords at - Reply

    hot shit shorty

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    HypeRhymz at - Reply

    i’m black and i’m just curious….how do you act black?

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    Bezzproduction at - Reply

    very nice man go cehck out my beats

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    kidiccy100 at - Reply

    doo ya thnag man fuck what those racist ass faggets say they just hatin cause they cant do what you can word.

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    darrellwade1 at - Reply

    hey, don’t worry about the haters keep doing your thing

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    Tim7421 at - Reply

    Hahah yeah 😀 i wanna buy 1 but 1,200€ is much money ^^ i think i import it from uk 800pounds 😀 ^^

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