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Cheap Akai Mpc 2500 Reviews

Cheap Akai Mpc 2500 Reviews

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2019-04-12T14:33:22+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|21 Comments


  1. blank
    Musicaltariq777 at - Reply

    I wanna be an MPC ninja when I grow up.

  2. blank
    dofo970 at - Reply

    Feelin it

  3. blank
    SERGEda3RD at - Reply

    lol he made sure he got his eyebrows in there too

  4. blank
    SERGEda3RD at - Reply

    I dont see a retard… i see a sick beatmaker that has fun with life…

  5. blank
    PrototypeEightyOne at - Reply

    What a waste of time. Mine and yours.

  6. blank
    IbnJahmed at - Reply

    what’s ur pad sensitivity and level?

  7. blank
    DJOnesNzeroS at - Reply

    Hard to take you serious’ but cool beat

  8. blank
    iskkarate at - Reply

    lol this the funniest video..sick beat yo

  9. blank
    haltwelvehundred at - Reply

    second the fact that you’re retarded

  10. blank
    cKunke2 at - Reply

    This is my new favorite youtube video.

  11. blank
    umi1903 at - Reply

    Is this your first vid on the tube mate?

  12. blank
    hongdekong at - Reply

    i focking love this vid…
    i cant stop watching it

  13. blank
    Lips2Kumbo at - Reply

    xD nice

  14. blank
    calico1248 at - Reply

    at 1st i thought you was a retard, but after hearing that beat drop, i soon realizd you are a retard with a talent for making beats

  15. blank
    skullcandy332 at - Reply

    brought 2 u by a ninja…

  16. blank
    kashmankashief at - Reply

    that was a nice track… i like how you demonstrated the “Exploding Nut Sack/Dope Beat” techinque lol

  17. blank
    worldcreations at - Reply

    note to self:
    wack ninjas rock dope beats

  18. blank
    cpaden7 at - Reply

    that is so dope

  19. blank
    filmmaker2006 at - Reply

    I like the ending!

  20. blank
    filmmaker2006 at - Reply


  21. blank
    bigdru76 at - Reply

    Nice beat. Im trippin on the hip hop ninja thing you got going there.

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