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Chopped Samples ON MPC2500

Explaining 2 different techniques of playing chopped samples, continous and also letting the chops “Breathe” (Not playing them in a continous manner)

Legacy MPC mixer screen automation tutorial. Getting your mixer screen to automate. Here we show you how to record Automation of Pans or Levels (or both) on …

2019-04-12T12:10:15+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|27 Comments


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    pf ray at - Reply

    Absolutely great tutorial!! Well explained.

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    fantomseed at - Reply

    do you autochop your samples or manually chop them ??

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    Thanks for watching and thanks for the sub and you are subbed back…

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @bigmanwhitesaint Thanks more craziness to come

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    I auto chop, I manually chop into the MPC, I manually chop in the Remix 16,
    Inside of audacity and I will use Recycle occasionaly it depends where I
    get the sample or what i am trying to accomplish!!

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    MrMondho at - Reply


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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @djhellfire1 Tru Dat…My uncle actually had a major role on the Wire.
    Funny thing is if we go anywhere down south and some other places they tend
    to say we sound like we are from New York. Accents are funny like that.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @MrDebauch I do but I have not posted anything to it . I will make sure you
    get the info as soon as I do. Signed up and 4got about it and I keep
    getting asked about it. Seems like it is pretty popular.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @ocik15 Thanks for the support sub & send people to the channel will be
    showing some cool stuff in the weeks to come.

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    hervan honora at - Reply

    let it Breathe!!!!! dope tip bro, keep up the good work fam!!

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    Newff Boii at - Reply

    yo man your beats are too dope!.. i Sub’d.. Sub back!.. appreciate it dude!

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    Mykel Mixks at - Reply


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    UND0577 at - Reply


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    Don Culione at - Reply

    wow, dope beat.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @MrMondho Thanks Appreciate it

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    Sinosure at - Reply

    Aight Warren Harris, lol!!! You letting things “breathe” huh?? Doin it in a
    Detroit style, let it breathe, lol!! Nice work! I like how you explained
    that! Can’t wait for the next installment!

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    ocik15 at - Reply

    dope homie

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @Sinosure lol…slightly different from his definition, but Hanna is a
    beast of a producer. I have a lot of respect from dude and enjoyed the time
    I had chopping it up with him.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @JAZZMATIC67 Thanks Jazz Appreciate it.

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    MrDebauch at - Reply

    haha, once in a while the passion gets loose when explaining things lmao.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @tombigbeatsprod Appreciate it more to come spread the word.Got some
    suprises coming.

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    MrDebauch at - Reply

    @OverlorBeats for sure, i find it to be one of the best sites of this
    nature I’ve experienced up to now.. the commenting system is also great if
    people got questions on specific parts of the track as it shows the
    waveform on there and the comments get pinned to it. take it easy, and if
    you are on mpc-forums maybe I’ll see you around there too.

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @djhellfire1 Lol…Born and bread Homie…lol

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    OverlorBeats at - Reply

    @MrDebauch lol no doubt i just love this music and sharing ideas, It is
    sooo much fun for me.

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    MrDebauch at - Reply

    @OverlorBeats for sure, you can tell.. that’s why I subbed to your channel.
    hey man, you got a soundcloud page? I would be down to check that out.

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    illCapBeats at - Reply

    Can you do this with delays n Reverb? 

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    Qlink at - Reply

    Thanks for your tutorial! Is this also for jj os3?

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