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Connecting the Akai MPC 2000XL to the Computer

This video shows how my MPC 2000XL is connected to the Computer in my home studio. This is just one example of a possible configuration with the MPC and is n…
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2019-04-12T12:34:04+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|25 Comments


  1. JacobMexi at - Reply

    Very insightful video, thank you.

  2. Altruwest at - Reply

    I have a couple of videos using this setup. “Altruwest TV Episode 12: Takin em to Church on the MPC 2500 ” has the MPC 2500 connected to the computer using Reason as the primary sound source. “Altruwest TV Episode 6 pt 1: Beat Making Session- Aftermath style beat ” has me working on a track using the MPC 2000XL with Logic as my sound module.

  3. saeroner at - Reply

    Do you have a vid of an actual composing process using this method? I think you mentioned it at the end of this video but never did it. Like basically you making a beat or something using the MPC and logic/PT/Ableton. Thanks for the vid

  4. Bryson Kyles at - Reply

    do you need a mixer to hook that up at all

  5. akash171096 at - Reply

    I have one simple question what equipment do I need to record a beat I made from the akai mpc 2000xl to my computer?

  6. marionetemanJ at - Reply

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  7. Ali Hallal at - Reply

    hey bro so does the rack is that like a EQ – right now im using just a 1/4 from my stereo out from my mpc5000 to my input …. i should be using both l and r ?

  8. Jesus Medina at - Reply

    How can i learn all this.

  9. 8SpazLord8 at - Reply

    I peeped a few of your vids on Ableton…I can’t get a response to this question on annnnny forum, so…I need my APC20 to trigger my MPC2000XL. The technique described in the respective manuals aren’t helping. Scream back if possible. Peace

  10. manface231 at - Reply

    thumbs up if he sounds like jay z

  11. Altruwest at - Reply

    FYI the usb Port on the MPC 2500 is for data transfer only, it does not send midi information. The MPC only sends midi via the MIDI ports.

  12. Altruwest at - Reply

    Sorry I havent used the M3 enough to help there.

  13. Altruwest at - Reply

    Ableton seems to have some sync/timing issues that can cause the music to drift out of sync. Make sure that you when you track out beats, provide yourself with a 2 bar empty sequence before the actual beat. This gives your DAW and the MPC proper time to sync up and lock.

  14. polidosk8 at - Reply

    i gotta a question. i’ve made some beats on my 2kXL but I never knew how to record them into my pc. i’ve got a audio interface alesis I02. and i’ve tried everything I could think of but I cant seem to be able to record the beat on ableton

  15. musiccomputing at - Reply

    Hey, just wanted to let everyone know I’ve left Open Labs and started a new company called Music Computing. Check out the new gear at Music Computing or click the link below for videos. – Thanks, Victor Wong

  16. IAmKingKirk at - Reply

    hey can you help me sync my korg m3 to reason 4 or any other software

  17. IAmKingKirk at - Reply

    hey i have a question  do you know if there is any way can connect my Korg M3 to work with reason 4 or any other software

  18. IAmKingKirk at - Reply

    hey i have a question do you know if there is any way can connect my Korg M3 to work with reason 4 or any other software

  19. Bladerunner55217 at - Reply

    thanks for the video man ! I was thinking of getting the mpc 2000 on ebay for a really affordable price but I saw that it doesn’t have usb port. So all you have to get is that usb port box you have and it will do the same job as the 2500 mpc with out the cd drive? Thanks for your time..

  20. SabbathPhantom at - Reply

    2000xl lol*

  21. SabbathPhantom at - Reply

    whats the price for the xl2000?

  22. Altruwest at - Reply

    Thats exactly how my setup is configured. My Keyboard not only controls the MPC, but it also can be switched to control the computer/software synths.

  23. pOBrain at - Reply

    i apologize for being rude but i haved and mpc for awhile justt got a computer and thinking about recording tracks onto a program, but i havent a clue what you are running in your video. i’ll eventually figure it, thanks anyway

  24. Altruwest at - Reply

    Im talking about electronic music production equipment.

  25. pOBrain at - Reply

    wtf are you talking about?

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