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Dayta makin beats on mpc 2500 part 6 !! time stretching & sc

I’m scratching with the mpc & time stretching in real time !!

This is an older video from 2006 with footage of Altruwest Producer F Major creating a beat from scratch using the MPC 2500 and Motif ES6 www.myspace.com
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2019-04-12T17:14:17+00:00 Akai MPC 2500|49 Comments


  1. djondeck00 at - Reply


  2. goodnesshype at - Reply

    Dog I got a lil crew goin on what’s up with some beats tho??!!!

  3. sincere1 at - Reply

    OMG! that scratch goes hard

  4. isaieemack at - Reply

    do u fresh wid that

  5. dayta120 at - Reply


  6. dayta120 at - Reply

    u can get it at guitar center or sam ash

  7. glglgl123 at - Reply


  8. dayta120 at - Reply

    its called the quick lock

  9. dayta120 at - Reply

     thanx just doin what i luv

  10. dayta120 at - Reply


  11. dayta120 at - Reply


  12. smoovehandluke at - Reply

    Nigga u is nice on dat mpc 2500. I got burnt on a maschine, dude I got to get a mpc 2500, cuase I beat the brakes off my 2000, and we stick together like glue, it’s the man behind the machine, so I got to get behind a 2500. Thanks you’ve convenced me to get one.

  13. smoovehandluke at - Reply

    Nigga u is nice on dat mpc 2500. I got burnt on a maschine, dude I got get a mpc 2500, cuase I beat the brake off my 2000, and we stick together like glue, it’s the man behind the machine, so I got to get behind a 2500. Thanks you’ve convenced me to get one.

  14. ceetheproducer at - Reply

    yea i know all about ableton live/suite

    been using it since verion 1 and i currently have live/suite 8

    i have been using daws for over 15 years

    altho on paper the daw looks like its better kuz it has more faetures, in reality there a headache n they love to crash, n whats with all the ,mouse clickin??? well i know why, kuz cubase on the atari was bassed on a DOS program.

    but yea daws r not all there hyped up to be they just complicate and lenthen the process of beatmakin

  15. Nisp2 at - Reply

    It’s really easy to record a real instrument into live and slice the sample if you want. And I would recommend checking out the Ski Beat video on Ableton and dl the link for the slicer, it’ll make your midi work just like an MPC. Not trying to discourage getting an MPC if anything they give you a really raw gritty sound but prepare to invest in more hardware if you do.

  16. RoyalREUP at - Reply


  17. dayta120 at - Reply

    LOL I KNOW BUT THAT NIGGA BE ACTING LIKE HE ALL THAT ! but I’ll call him again and see if he wanna get on this one .

  18. skillrob1000 at - Reply

    Yo this is da Bidness!! you should get the legend Chill Rob G on this joint!

  19. llikido at - Reply

    like your work… nice samples, well cut, great beat.
    keep on

  20. ceetheproducer at - Reply

    undeniably ill!

    basicly im working in the very same way using ableton midi’d up to a midi drum pad n keyboard.

    im lookin to cop me an mpc2500 in the next 6months i will be saving for it as you read this.

    1stly because computers keep dyin on me, most just are not built to last longer then 18months and 2ndly because there are so many legal (and well priced) samples out there and opatunitys to make samples yourself (or with others) with real instruments.


  21. bohnengesicht at - Reply

    that gives me chills man awesome!

  22. dre1on3 at - Reply

    your right

  23. lilvigs44 at - Reply

    shits tuff

  24. dayta120 at - Reply

    and read the book that comes with it. so u will kno what not to do with it .and u wont break it

  25. dayta120 at - Reply

    @Jay61SL i use both

  26. souljaworldtv at - Reply

    That Bass is from the ATC-1 isn’t it?

  27. Altruwest at - Reply

    on the MPC 2000XL there is a a feature called “Auto Chromatic”.

  28. theoutsideas at - Reply

    how do u get one sound from your mpc to the keyboard in 61 sounds????

  29. PoppaSiim at - Reply


  30. capostatus196 at - Reply

    The track is hot. I also have a MPC2500 and a yamaha keyboard but I would like to know how you midi them together? I want to be able to play a melody with the keyboard and add drums with the mpc. How would I do that without a computer software.

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  32. aswaray at - Reply

    its an old video but the track is so cold. did anyone use this track

  33. MiguelKertsman at - Reply

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  34. stickdeck at - Reply

    boon doc and f major my favorite you tube beat makers

  35. tupacshakur99 at - Reply

    came out very nice keep it up

  36. Djarumstaymad at - Reply

    you are nice

  37. Thorralf83 at - Reply

    at first i thought that your track sounds too simple and uncreative. But after i’ve heard your result in the and of the clip, i changed my opinion about 180 degrees.

  38. SouthOx at - Reply

    well to be honest (in the case of Hip Hop) some cats sample because thats the true essence of the artform. Sampling evolved from the dj playing records. Some cats can’t do anything but just loop a sample. Others can flip a record to sound totally different. Thats what its really about.

  39. ScratchAssasson at - Reply

    *boom bap*

  40. morlock1972 at - Reply

    Well, that is so wonderful about this upload. You are not showing off. You have something on your mind, then use the tools to ‘materialize’ that. And that’s it. Can’t find the right words how utterly delighted I am about these kinds of uploads that really really matter … Thumbs up!

  41. arguswil at - Reply

    the hook : Natural like a ….. like a …. title of a song

  42. arguswil at - Reply

    natural , like a .. ….. that should be the title of the song

  43. BuzzBoyBeatsTV at - Reply

    Nice. like the flow of the chords with the simple boom bat drums. if you wouldn’t mind checking out my beats i would appreciate it greatly.

  44. soundwave6147 at - Reply

    dude you on fire ,finally a producer who dont have to rely on samples to make a song thanks for incorperating real music and skills back into the game i appreciate you for that

  45. bigfelon at - Reply

    damn thats some classic west coast shit! propz on the beat doggie.

  46. deedaone01 at - Reply

    yeah real tight homie

  47. Altruwest at - Reply

    Much Respect

  48. Altruwest at - Reply

    I appreciate the support C Note.

  49. CNoteMcMusic at - Reply

    Yo Alt what up? This is C Note from Buffalo NY. I’m feeling that track. Keep doing what ya doing.

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